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About Jordan

Hi, Friend! 

I am so glad you have stumbled across The Cold Coffee & Cotton Stems Blog. I am so thrilled to have you here. I am a loving wife + mom + writer + friend + avid coffee drinker. 

I love connecting with people, am a proud Enneagram 2, and happen to be an Extrovert!


Most importantly, I am a follower of Christ who strives to encourage women to be who God created them to be.


Here in this community, you won't find perfection. You will find a woman who is imperfect and daily asking God for wisdom. 


There is always a coffee cup with your name on it here, friend! 


I look forward to getting to know you! 

The Story Behind The Name

When I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time writer, I thought long and hard about the name of my blog. I wanted a unique name that would really embody who I am. I decided to go with 'Cold Coffee & Cotton Stems' because I am a mama who is heating up her cold coffee ten times before noon and I adore cotton stems. However, the name has a deeper meaning I think you may be interested in hearing.


Cotton stems undergo a long process from the time the seeds are planted deep within the soil until the white cotton 'bolls' burst open in the sunlight. Before the 'bolls' burst forth, the cotton stem turns a red color for three days. When I did my research on cotton stems and their growth process I couldn't help but think about Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection three days later just as that cotton stem stays a pinkish-red for three days. His blood was shed for you and I and we have hope in Him! Creation sings His praises, friends!


 The name means so much to me as God molds us and takes us through difficult seasons to make something beautiful come to life in us; for His glory. My days are filled with cold coffee and cotton stems that remind me God is continually making me more like him. Cold coffee reminds me I have another day to care for my sweet family. I hope you will draw encouragement from my words as you follow along with the blog. My heart in a nutshell; To encourage you to be who God created you to be.  

Cotton Field
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