• Jordan Burchette

10 Things I Want You To Know

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Imagine me sitting across from you right now. You’re probably drinking a coffee too and wearing your favorite T-shirt and I really hope it’s a T-shirt with Stanley from The Office on it.

😉 10 things that I want you to know...

1. When you realize your worth is 110% in Christ alone-your life really begins.

2. It’s not your fault-stop blaming yourself for things you had zero control over.

3. You don’t have to fit in one box-you can love dressing up and also love swearing sweatpants. You can have big dreams and still love your family wholeheartedly.

4. Be determined-To be you and to grow in all areas of your life.

5. Your plans won’t work out but God’s are better. I promise!

6. Deal with your emotional baggage and pain and then help someone who has endured struggles similar to yours.

7. Dream bigger. Get in the mental space where you can step back in your mind and see what areas you can dream bigger in.

8. Forgive yourself-It is truly harder to forgive ourselves than it is to forgive others.

9. Keep your mind centered on Christ and you will keep the negative thoughts at bay.

10. Insecurities are real and we all have them. Don’t let them control you, friend!

I hope you have the most amazing week possible!

*Thank you for following along with my blog-It means more to me than you know! ☕️✨ *

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