• Jordan Burchette

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Husbands

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. These are simply links to products I love.*

I love Valentine's Day! A whole day dedicated to romantic gestures and loving on your sweetheart? Yes, please! I am definitely the hopeless romantic between my husband and I. I love romance and dates and snuggling! It all makes me so happy.

I try to buy my sweet guy a special surprise here and there throughout the year but I really like to find him something extra special on Valentine's Day! I have put together a list of 10 affordable and fun gifts for your husband. I have seen a ton of gift guides on Pinterest but the majority of the ones on there feature really pricey gifts. All of the gifts below are under


1. Everyday Millionaires-This is Chris Hogan's new book and what better way to motivate your man this year? This book is under twenty dollars here.

2. Harry's Shave Set-They start at $15 and my man loves their products! You can order online or you can get these at Target.

3. Goodfellow & Co. Boxer Briefs-My husband loves these undies! They are super comfy and under $20 for a pack of 5! Get them here. Or you can get these super cheesy ones for a good laugh here. Y'all know I love cheesy Valentine's gifts!

4. Goodfellow & Co. Crew Socks-These are my husbands favorite socks because they have fun patterns and are so comfortable. These come in a pack of 3! I got them at Target here.

5. Every Man Jack Body Set- I recently discovered this brand at Walmart and my husband loves the Sandalwood scent. Here is the link to it.

6. Wallet-You can never go wrong with a wallet. Here is one under $20.

7. Cheesy Screen Print Tee- So technically this isn't a necessity but what man doesn't like a good, soft T-shirt? I love this one here. Target and Walmart both have great selections of screen print t-shirts.

8. A Mini Massager- Most men love back rubs so this would be a great gift along with a special back rub for your guy! Here is the one I found under $20.

9. Phone Mount for Car-My husband uses this exact car mount and it has lasted for a long time. It is great to jump in the car and pop your phone on the magnetic holder. You can get it on Amazon here.

10. Gift Card To Eat-What man doesn't love to grub? A $20 gift card to your guys favorite restaurant is always a good idea. I would personally get my husband a Chick-Fil-A gift card as that is his favorite. This is also a great option if you hate shopping and/or ordering online. You can purchase a gift card at Target, Walmart, or the restaurant of your choice.

I hope you enjoyed this short + sweet gift guide for husbands on Valentine's Day! What are you and your sweetheart planning on doing for Valentine's Day?

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