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2020; My Year of Saying, "Yes" To Adventure

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Unknown

I never chose a word for 2020. I don't want to be tied down to one single word so I just skipped the word of the year. I set new goals for every area of my life as always, but didn't define my year by a word.

God teaches me so much in a year and I can't wait to see where He leads in 2020.

One word I have been thinking about is, "Yes". The past few years, I have said, "NO" a whole lot and specifically when it comes to adventure. I have let my anxiety trick me into thinking that life is just too dangerous and I don't need to do "XYZ" because it isn't safe.

Fun With The Kids!

Don't go to the park because your kids might get snatched.

Don't take the weekend trip to your hometown because the kids won't sleep good away from home.

Don't go on that blogging trip because you won't get that time back with family.

Don't go out and skip the chores today because they house will get out of hand.

Insert your list here and we could talk all day about our completely irrational fears, right?

A few weeks ago, I got fed up with myself and my lack of wanting to adventure and break my routine. I had become so stuck in my Type-A ways and schedule that I was missing out on LIFE. Picture me putting my hands on my own shoulders (if I physically could) and asking myself this question (and maybe shaking some sense into myself): "Jordan, what are you so afraid of?"

Here is a truth bomb for you: We have the choice to spend 80+ years worrying about the "what ifs" OR we can live each day to the fullest by trusting God and being grateful for each breath we take.

We can thank Him by using our gifts, being grateful for every season and always putting our trust in Him which means handing over our worries.

Ask yourself the same question: "*Insert name here*, what are you so afraid of?"

You see, I don't want to break the mundane because I am so scared of the unknown. Or that I might actually let go of some of my type-a tendencies and that scares me. Or maybe the blog trip will be great for my blog and writing career and that scares me. Or maybe I will realize that I have made productivity an idol. OUCH. Yep. That one hurts because it is true.

I have two vibrant kids who love to divide and conquer. I want them to see a mom who truly lives her life and isn't confined by her schedule. I want them to instead, see a mom who diligently oversees her life but can adapt and enjoy her life along the way as well.

Now I obviously believe we should be practical and adventurous so before you think I have thrown all caution to the wind, let me explain where I am. I don't think that we should forsake our jobs and travel the world without the budget to do so. Or that we need to only spend time adventuring and forget the other responsibilities we have like bills, jobs, appointments, etc. God gives us a brain to use and wants us to enjoy the blessings He has given us AND be diligent with our blessings. There is a fine balance and I found myself leaning more towards the rigid responsibilities side where I was not enjoying the little things.

Don't forget to stop and enjoy every moment, friends. Life is truly short and all that will matter when we stand in front of Jesus is that we KNOW Him in our heart. That we are His child and have lived a life to please Him. The rest will pass away one day and I just want to know that my legacy was a legacy of faith in Him.

A Few Ways I Am Saying YES This Year + Examples:

-Go on the trip to the aquarium, children's museum, etc with your kids: The to-do list and projects and STUFF can wait. Make those memories with your kids before they are grown.

-Take the trip to refresh yourself: I am going on my first-ever trip for The Cold Coffee & Cotton Stems Blog in June. I will be gone a couple of days learning from some of the best writers ever. My anxiety has already tried talking me down from this adventure but I won't let it and my husband said that I am going whether I like it or not because he is purchasing my plane ticket. I am glad he supports my dreams. :)

-Host a party: We celebrate everything in our house and I love hosting. I want to host more parties this year and be the house where there is always room to pull up another chair at the table. Instead of worrying about the food or clean-up process I want to host and enjoy people since I am an Enneagram 2.


-Spending alone time with my husband: It is SO HARD to get away for the weekend because we are busy and our family lives four hours away (they are our overnight baby-sitters). It is worth the struggle to put something on the calendar though, because every marriage needs it. We need time with just us two and we are saying YES to that this year and already have a spring trip lined up.

-Relationships: I am intentionally putting myself out there to make friends. We moved a little over four months ago, and I am painfully aware of how awkward making friends can be. We have moved a lot over the past few years so making friends has been something I have been attempting to do for a bit now.


These are just a few of the many ways I am saying, "Yes" this year!

Can I encourage you to say, "Yes" this year too?

Maybe you postpone your life because you're just stuck in your normal routine and are afraid to get out of your comfort zone. I get it. It is nice and cozy in our comfort zone but what about what occurs outside of our comfort zone? Maybe we are missing out because we are too afraid to get out of our box. Spiritually speaking, God never calls us to comfort or to do the same thing for sixty-years and call it a life. He does call us to follow Him and when I look at the life of His disciples in the New Testament, I see that they were rarely comfortable.

I want to get out and enjoy the life God has given me and shine the light of Christ so others can see and hopefully come to know Christ. Don't hide away in the shadows or let your anxiety win my friends.

Praying that God blesses you with many wonderfully blessed years and that you will take time each day to reflect on His goodness and grace!

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