• Jordan Burchette

A Broken Connection

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

When I caught my children playing tug-o-war with my expensive computer charger, I was furious.

Don't they know how expensive those are? God had JUST opened many doors for me business-wise and in my writing career and NOW is the time they decide to break my charger?

The cord looked normal to the naked eye but once I plugged it in, it wouldn't work at all. It wouldn't even light-up. It was completely shorted-out and kaput.

I ask God every morning to open my heart and eyes to Him even in the mundane. I beg Him for wisdom in all areas of my life because I recognize my deep need for Him. Oh, how I need Him to lead me and keep me.

This morning while reading my bible that broken cord came to my mind.

He kept reminding me of that computer charger that made me so upset. Then it clicked and He encouraged my heart when I desperately needed it the most.

When we plug into our relationship with God or others we typically realize one of three things immediately upon plugging-in.

1. The connection works perfectly-No issues to be found. The cord, or in this case, we, connect right away and things flow naturally.

2. The connection is spotty and strained at times-If you arrange the cord just right it might start charging and connecting or you have to completely rig-up the cord (southern-ism). We start connecting in our relationship with God and others and realize there are a few things in our way. Unresolved conflict, lack of time spent in the relationship, and other wedges between us causing the disconnect.

3. Completely disconnected-the cord is shot and you need a brand new cord. Or perhaps your outlet is the problem? Maybe you're plugging into the wrong things in your life and that is causing a disconnect in your relationship with God and others.

That number three hits me right in the gut.

Maybe what I am plugging into is causing the disconnect with God or others that I have a relationship with.

So what do we do when a disconnect with God happens? What do we do when there is a disconnect in our other personal relationships?

You see, I am not a sweep-it-under-the-rug-pretend-its-not-there kinda woman. I will research, pray, and beg God to show me how to fix it. I can come up with a ten-page outline of what we need to do to move forward and maybe you relate to that way of thinking? Unfortunately, I can't fix everything nor can you. God ultimately does the fixing in our lives but we can put forth our best effort to reconnect as we trust Him to do the final work.

So maybe you're disconnected from God. It is a spotty connection here and there but you don't feel plugged into Him fully.

Maybe you feel disconnected in your marriage and you are struggling to find solutions and you are scared.

Maybe you find yourself disconnected from a friend who you care about deeply but you don't know how to repair the cord.

Maybe you are disconnected from family due to a tug-o-war between family members and they have left you right smack-dab in the middle of the frayed relationship.

We all experience a disconnect from time to time and our cords get frayed and broken.

Or maybe you just need to start from the ground up and get a new cord.

I had to get a brand new computer charger and it was expensive but I had to have it. I had to keep going forward with my writing and business. I wouldn't resolve the issue by just sitting there and being mad about it.

Don't throw away your relationship. By "start new" I mean that you need to get a new plug and cord. Throw out your old mindset, ways of life, and solutions that are simply not working. Plug back into Jesus and start from the ground up. Let go of the past pain and failures and start again new cord, plug, and all!

Jesus is our new cord. He connected us to God (the true power-source) when He died for our sins on the cross. Hallelujah!

Build your strained relationship(s) on the right foot and plug into the true source of life; Jesus Christ. The thing is... you can have a new cord but if you don't plug into the giver of life then you won't receive the true life-giving and sustaining power that you desperately need. That we all desperately need.

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