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A Recap of 2019 + End of The Decade Thoughts

First and foremost, how are we twenty-four hours away from a brand new decade? I blinked at age 14 and am somehow a 24 year old adult. What is happening?! Time truly flies and I am so thankful for all the seasons the past ten years have brought. Ten years ago, I was graduating middle school and having a really rough time with the divorce of my parents. Ironically, ten years later I am waking up each day to look into the faces of three of my answered prayers. God has given me the "white picket fence" family that I wanted and I am so thankful. If you want to know more about that season of my life, check out my podcast episode where I discuss this:

Episode on Abandonment:

Episode on Emotional Baggage



Photo By Erin Bancroft Photography

The past ten years have quickly passed. *These life events are not all in order.*

I graduated high school, met the love of my life at the most unexpected time, birthed two kids under the age of now four, moved all over the Southeast four times, bought our first house in Greenville, SC., started this blog, lost special family members, started working for an amazing company I love, endured postpartum depression, learned how to naturally deal with my anxiety, started prioritizing my health, created and launched an interactive journal, bought another house in TN, started a podcast, became debt free, celebrated many birthdays and holidays with those I love, started to deal with trauma and scars from my past, had a dog for three days (long story), and went through so many seasons. God has been faithful to see me through it all and has never once forgot about me. I can't imagine my life without Him. He is the only reason I am living and breathing and I will thank Him everyday for the beautiful (sometimes painful and difficult) seasons He allows me to go through.

I can't wait to see what the next ten years look like!


You were a stressful, yet wonderful year. My family had a lot of life changes in 2019 and I am hoping 2020 is a little less-stressful HA. My word for 2019 was LEAP. I definitely did a lot of leaping in 2019. I leaped into a new job with a company in Greenville, SC and loved it and still work remotely for them. I leaped into writing and podcasting on the blog full-time and I am glad I trusted God to follow this dream. It has steadily grown and I am so thankful for that! I leaped (with my husband and kids) to TN for our biggest move on the map thus far for his career. 2019 was pretty stressful but I am glad we endured the chaos to get where we are now. God blessed our efforts and sometimes I can't believe where we are. I never would have guessed when Mason and I got married, that God had all this in store for us. We keep trusting Him, working hard and trying to live a life that would please Him. Here are a few snapshots from January 2019 to December 2019...

January 2019

-Sweet + Squishy Emmeline + Walker James

They were about to turn 3 and 1.

-We went on an early Valentine's Day Date to downtown Greenville, South Carolina. We enjoyed Spill the Beans Coffee + Halls Chophouse + Falls Park On The Reedy River. Three must-do's in Upstate, SC.

-Most exciting (not at all) part of January: Emmeline fell in Sunday School and cracked her skull... we took a trip to the ER and then a specialist. Thankfully, she made a full recovery and did not have any bleeding on her brain. It could have been so much worse.

February 2019

-Hosted a fun Valentines Day Party for my mom friends and their sweet babies

-Enjoyed the library while writing with the kiddos

-Started really putting a lot of time into The Cold Coffee & Cotton Stems Blog

March 2019

-Celebrated Emmeline turning 3!

-Launched the podcast-please look at my original artwork for the podcast. I am proud to say that I have come a long way in the artwork department. LOL

-Attended my first blogging event and LOVED it!

-Celebrated our youngest turning 1!

*Both kids have March birthdays so March is interesting.*

April 2019

-Enjoyed a playdate with our friends at Runway Park in Greenville, SC.

-Had fun at the Greenville Zoo with family who came to town. *It starts getting warm in GVL around the end of March hence the shorts.

-Took a trip to Suntrust Park to watch the Atlanta Braves play baseball

-Celebrated Resurrection Sunday with family!

May 2019

-Got a matching tattoo with my husband.

-Spent nearly a month living outside of Charlotte, NC during the week while my husband worked there.

-Had a fun few weeks exploring Charlotte with the kids...we enjoyed the local library and the children's museum.

June 2019

-More adventures with the kids-this time we were at the park and I had to go inside a business to have them call the cops. A few creepy men were lurking and trying to get young girls to "buy kittens" in a box they had with them. True story...

-We hiked (just kidding) we drove up to Pretty Place Chapel and enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of God's creation.

-Watched my baby brother get married surrounded by friends + family

-Launched my first print/trial run of my Seasons of Life Journal

-Not pictured: Celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on June 13.

-Not pictured: Started going to a Christian therapist as past hurt surfaced in my life. It was hard to do it and really hurt, but was worth every penny spent.

July 2019

-Enjoyed time at our local YMCA indoor water park with the kids.

-Celebrated Independence Day with family in Asheville, NC.

-Wrote a very raw and real post about our time in legalism. Read that here.

August 2019

-Found a new company to manufacture my journals and released my journal 2.0 as a hardcover journal with wire-o binding. Grab yours here!

-Found out we were moving to TN and started getting boxes ready to pack!

-Took one of the last few pictures in front of our first home. It was bittersweet as we worked so hard to buy that house!

-The two littles were troopers through the insane amount of traveling and stress we endured while trying to move.

September 2019

-Walker James got his first haircut!

-Reflecting on our good memories in our first ever home

-Moving! We bought a house in TN in the country and love it!

-Dancing in the new house!

October 2019

-Had a booth in two craft fairs where I sold my journals

-Kids dressed up for Halloween as Baby Shark + Jessie

-Hosted our first houseguests in our new house

-Went on my first ever weekend girls trip to Nashville, TN

November 2019

-Princess Meet & Greet at the mall where Emmeline refused to give Snow White a hug

-Thanksgiving with cousins

-One of my favorite photos of my husband-He is a dream!

-I never tire of my front porch sunsets + sunrises

December 2019

-Lots of fun had in December!

-Celebrated two of my husbands company Christmas dinners

-Celebrated my 24th birthday

-Did all the Christmas traditions and things

-Celebrated the birth of Christ

-Enjoyed watching the kids open gifts and celebrate Christmas

-Enjoying hosting a house full of guests over the holiday

What. A. Year! 2019 you were great but I am really excited about 2020!

Take time today to reflect on your year and ask God to give you wisdom going into 2020!

Praying you have a blessed New Year, friends!

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