• Jordan Burchette

A Successful Day

What does a successful day look like to you?

What do you have to accomplish in order to feel like you used your time wisely?

I asked myself these questions a few evenings ago after going to bed defeated; yet again. It seemed as if every night I was unhappy with what I didn't get done and constantly beating myself up over not doing it all.

I hesitantly admitted to myself what made a day 'good' in my book. Why was I so scared of coming to terms with this? I have no idea. I was surprised at what I scribbled down though and maybe it would help you to do the same. Here is a free printable for you to enjoy and write down your thoughts! *Click the photo below and it will take you to the free printable!*

I am happiest and most content with my day when:

1. Rest/Spend Time with God

2. Spend Quality Time with Mason & Kids

3. Write

4. Clean

5.Take Care of Myself (via working out, eating/drinking right, etc)

Can you guess what my love language is based off of numbers 1 and 2? Ha!

These five things make me feel as if my day was successful. Now this doesn't mean that if I don't do these five things that my day isn't meaningful or successful. I just aim to put all my focus on these five areas and let the rest work itself out. I think we often spend our day doing a lot of tasks out of habit. The tasks may be necessary but they are taking up more time than they should. Obviously toilets have to be scrubbed and kids need to be fed but we can focus most of our time and energy on the things we feel are most important and crucial to our success. I tend to spend all day cleaning when I could just do a few chores each day and tackle the others tomorrow. There is no perfect balance to life but we can focus our time and attention mainly on the things that are most important. Priorities are real and have to be constantly evaluated especially if you have a lot of moving parts in your life.

I like to think of my above list as the main actors in a play. Everything else that falls below those five areas/tasks are understudies.

I would love to know how you spend your days!

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