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Back To The Basics

Updated: May 15, 2019

Sometimes I feel like life becomes so complicated. I think that it is oftentimes our fault that it is overly complicated. We set an impossibly high standard for ourselves and are always looking for the next best thing. I know that I am guilty of not enjoying what is right in front of me because I am so obsessed with what is to come. I love dreaming and setting goals. Those two things are very important. However, I don't want to miss out on today because I am so focused on tomorrow and the troubles to come. We can work towards our goals without forgetting to enjoy today. I struggle with finding that perfect balance but am quickly learning that life can't be balanced perfectly. God gives us wisdom when we ask and I fully believe He will adjust our focus when we ask Him to do so.

While writing this I was reminded of my short sports career as a child. No matter what the sport was that I played, we started with the basics. Before you can play an actual basketball game, you have to learn how to run, dribble, shoot, pass, etc. The coach didn't hand me a basketball and push me into the game without starting with the basics. How does this apply to our lives? I know that we tend to jump right in without starting small. Whether that be a project for your job, a new routine, or a goal we have set; we think we have to do it all in one day. We as women especially like to overload ourselves and forget that small steps get us where we want to be faster than burnout. I am guilty of thinking all of my to-do list and goals should have been completed yesterday. I forget to get back to basics and trust God with the rest.

Matthew 6:34 is one of my favorite verses as it reminds me to think only on today.

Word hard today to prepare for the future? Yes!

Obsesses over your future to the point that it robs you of enjoying today? No!

Here are a few ways that I have been getting back to basics in my life. From my spiritual life to practical housekeeping tips, I hope these ideas help you get back to basics!

1. Stop trying to do it all

2. Leave the toys on the floor and go to bed, friend! I love a clean house. The toys get picked up most nights. However, if picking up toys robs me of a well-rested soul and body; sleep wins!

3. Use paper plates... game changer!

4. Don't forget your "why"

5.Remember God's goodness in your life

6. Set goals but be patient as it takes time to reach them

7. Cherish moments with family as they are flying by so fast

8. Get off the scale and focus on being healthy

9. Work out to make yourself feel better

10. Most important: Keep Christ first and the rest will fall into place in His perfect timing

How do you reel yourself back to the basics of life?

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