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Becoming Broken Over People

I hate the news. It is depressing and discouraging and I typically try to steer clear from it all.

I want to hear the positive and lovely and wonderful. The happy endings and the happy tears.

This has become an unhealthy habit for me because I have hardened my heart to the pain of others. How can I, as a writer who wants to encourage women, harden my heart to pain?

Galatians 6:2 says, "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

There is always a root cause so I went straight to the root of my problem. I get uncomfortable and anxious when I hear about despair, disease and death. My anxiety already torments me and causes me to worry about these painful circumstances happening to me or my family so I try to not think about it.

I don't want to get cancer or have someone I love have cancer.

I don't want to lose my children or husband. I don't want to think about dying and leaving my family.

I don't want to think about those starving to death in foreign countries and in our cities.

It is uncomfortable. We tend to get squirmy when we hear about these tragic circumstances. We may not vocalize it but we are saying with our actions, "Thankfully our family isn't going through that" and then we don't think another moment about it. I believe we should be thankful in all seasons and always thank God for His blessings. However, I think we should bear one another's burdens and link arms with those who are in pain. Far too often, we forget about those who are hurting and move on. I think we do this because we are so fearful that it will be us next or that if we sit with someone in their pain that it will wreck us emotionally.

I know that when I pass away I will go to heaven. My faith is in Christ Jesus and life after death only gets sweeter. It is my wholehearted prayer that you also have this peace and assurance. It still feels uncomfortable in our flesh to think about dying because we are flesh and bones. We can't fully understand just how great heaven will be or how we won't deal with sadness and despair in heaven.

Maybe you struggle with this from time to time?

I know we all have these thoughts running through our minds. We live in a fallen world and are dealing with the fallout from our sin in the Garden of Eden. It still doesn't make it easier to deal with each day as so much despair is in our world. We can easily look around at the despair and let it consume us. I don't think that we should live in the mindset that only sees the negative, but a mindset that is aware of both hurting people and the hope of Christ. In the midst of all the pain, there is a lot of good that we must never forget to see.

This weekend as I sold journals at the local Apple Festival, God broke my heart. I was blind sighted by it. I hadn't been asking Him to break my heart although I needed the reminder. Several ladies shared their story with me and were walking in really dark seasons full of questions.

I think we need to become broken.

I think we need to become broken for our sin first and foremost and also broken for others. For the sin that is the root cause of our fallen world full of heartache.

Cancer is real.

Depression is real.

Grief is real.

Tragedy is real.

Poverty is real.

Despair is real.

Pain is real.

When we are not personally experiencing a painful season, it is hard to get down in the dirt with those who are dealing with a painful season. It is almost as if we are afraid it will be us next so we keep going ninety-five miles an hour in order to keep our minds busy. Staying busy helps us forget about those hurting around us because it is an uncomfortable topic. I think we are fearful of experiencing those horrible situations so we pretend it isn't around. If you've ever been around someone who is dying or experiencing loss, it is hard to see. It is uncomfortable and you don't know what to say.

If you're a faithful blog follower, then you know I strive to encourage you each day. I still fully believe God has called me to encourage, but I never want to forget that God also calls us to bear one another burdens. He calls us to be broken over our own sin and life and the lives of others.

Can we truly encourage others if we don't sit beside them in the darkest of seasons?

I am guilty of this. So incredibly guilty of pretending like all is well when truly we have a lot to be praying about and a lot of people to be reaching out to. As Christians, we have a responsibility to go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus. To reach those who are hopeless. Even in our worst season, we are not hopeless if we have Christ. He is our hope.

There are people who are hurting and hopeless. They may be physically starving and spiritually starving. WE have the hope of Jesus in our hearts and must take our feet to these people. WE have the resources to help others who don't have a meal or clothes to wear. WE have to bear one another's burdens.

This weekend rocked me. God truly used this situation to show me that there are hurting people right down the road. There are people walking through dark seasons with and without Christ.

Instead of obsessively worrying about something bad happening to me or my family I remind myself of my new mantra.

“We can spend a lifetime worrying about something that may never happen or we can trust Him each day as we spread His love to all people.”

God help us all, as your children, be a light to these faces that don't know you and your transforming love. To encourage them and sit with them in their darkest hour always showing them your love.

Galatians 6:2 says, "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

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