• Jordan Burchette

Coffee In Your Hometown

Sometimes you need to have coffee in your hometown.

Jump in your car. Turn the radio on. Make the drive home to your hometown. Walk up the weathered stairs and sit down on the familiar couch where you cried over broken hearts and bad grades.

To both remind you where you came from and to give you the motivation to keep going forward.

To be encouraged by your people who love and support you.

Drive the familiar roads and connect with familiar faces as the wind blows through your rolled down window.

Remind yourself of where you came from and how fortunate you are to be able to still spend time with your family in your hometown.

Stare wide-eyed at the new businesses and chat about how the town is really getting popular especially since Hobby Lobby is opening a store in town.

Sit on your old church pew and thumb through the old hymnal you sang from.

Smell the familiar smells of your favorite foods as the aroma escapes the open oven door.

Enjoy dinner around a warm table with the same glassware you’ve used since you were a kid.

Sleep in your old bedroom that still has your awards and photos stuck to the walls.

Laugh at all the good (and awkward) memories you made as you pass your old high school on your way back down the same old highway you’ve driven for years.

Feel the small ache inside when you drive away, leaving your hometown in the rearview, because you miss the familiarity and those you leave behind but then excitedly keep driving because you know great things are ahead and you always have a place to come back to when you feel like you might explode.

Sometimes you just need to have coffee in your hometown.

Do you still live in your hometown or are you a transplant?! Tell me below!

We are from Asheville, North Carolina, and moved to South Carolina a few years ago and now hang our hats in Tennessee! 🎯

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