• Jordan Burchette

Dance Clothes Made Me Cry

My daughter is three years old and vibrant.

She has recently fallen in love with a TV show called, "Fancy Nancy". The show features a very outgoing little girl who loves all things, you guessed it, fancy. Fancy Nancy dances, sings, wears frilly dresses and partakes in tea parties.

Our daughter is Fancy Nancy to a "T".

Emmeline loves to dance. She is always dancing, twirling and singing. I told her that we would sign her up for dance classes in the Fall if she wanted to try it out. She was elated and immediately wanted me to take her to Target to get a tutu and tights. I wasn't able to leave the house right then and there so she was incredibly upset. I promised her we would get the dance clothes as soon as we could run down to Target.

After she went to bed, I ironically ended up going to Target to get something I had to have (AHEM: Coffee Creamer). As I was perusing the aisles, the dance clothes section caught my eye. I walked over to the rack and started looking for dance clothes to surprise Emmeline. I found a cute black leotard (I am pretty sure that is what it is called) with rhinestones on the front. It was on clearance so that was a double win for me! I am not a dance mom yet, but I do know that ballet tight have to be sheer and a pale pink. However, I saw a pair of tights with a rainbow on the kneecaps and knew that she would love them so I bought those as well.

The hours prior to this Target visit had unfolded in a less than desirable way. Her ripe age three brings lots of tantrums and trying days. It doesn't help that we are both natured the same way so our strong willed personalities frequently clash.

However, she is growing up fast and I wanted to surprise her after we both had a really rough day. I paid for everything and headed home to surprise her. She was already in bed when I left but wanders out of bed approximately one-hundred times each night before actually falling asleep. To my surprise, she was fast asleep when I got home.

I cried.

Granted, I was hormonal and tired but it still pricked my heart.

Mom guilt had already settled in for the night after the trying day we had so I cried.

I am sure if you have kids then you find yourself in this position often.

She is growing up so fast.

They grow up so incredibly fast and it is terrifying.

I love that she is healthy and happy but seeing her start to spread her little wings is hard.

When we go to the library she scampers off without looking back to make sure I am still there.

I look at her long legs and listen to her talk in clear, concise sentences and I realize she is turning into a big girl right before my very eyes.

You hear people say, "They grow up so fast."

This is something that you can't fully wrap your mind around until you have a child of your own.

Those dance clothes rocked me to my core.

They are not just thread sewn together to me.

They are a symbol of time passing quicker than I am comfortable with.

They are a symbol of my baby girl growing up and figuring out her talents.

They are a symbol of the blessings of God in my life.

Hold your kiddos extra close tonight, friend.

Heck, go to Target and get dance clothes to savor their childhood a little longer.

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