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Deep Clean Your Bathrooms Once A Week

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

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Today for #tiptuesday we are going to chat about cleaning your bathrooms! If my bathrooms are clean then I feel like the rest of my house is clean. I don't want crusty toilets and mildewing washcloths in the shower. It is super easy to keep those bathrooms clean and fresh without spending three hours cleaning. I will show you my ways!

Pick the same day each week to deep clean your bathrooms. I clean my bathrooms every Saturday. This day works best for me so you need to find the day that works best for you!

I created a FREE checklist for you to download but it can only be used for personal use! Please do not republish as all rights are reserved to The Cold Coffee & Cotton Stems blog.

Print it here or click the image below!

It takes me approximately thirty minutes (master bath) and 20 minutes (guest bath) to complete this list unless I am scrubbing my master shower. Call me crazy... but I have to scrub it while I am actually taking a shower. The walls are really high and require me getting all the way in the shower to scrub it. It is a hassle. I get drenched. If you need some good cleaner recommendations, scroll to the bottom of this post and read my long list of cleaners that I rounded-up in a blog post.

Now onto the fun part...

If you've hung around here on the blog long enough, then you know I take FOREVER to decorate. I did manage to figure out a shower curtain for both the downstairs and upstairs bathroom. Also, if you're in the market for towels and washcloths, I have got you covered (literally).

This is our kids bathroom and I am in love with this shower curtain that I got at Target. It has a really interesting texture and I love the pattern. The color is called "Sour Cream" as it is an off-white which makes no sense since sour cream is white. LOL Anyway, I love it and it looks so clean. Make sure you also use these plastic shower curtain liners since the curtain is cloth and will absorb water.

My favorite Hand Soap for the bathroom is Mrs.Meyers in the Honeysuckle Scent.

I am one of those crazy people who really love white linens. Our sheets, towels, washcloths and hand towels are white. I do have a few stray towels and washcloths that are colored but once they wear out; I will replace with white ones. I don't know why I am so obsessed with white and neutral colors but I am!

Side Note: My towel cabinet is LOW because I have been procrastination folding two clean baskets of towels for three days now. It is FINE.

These white towels are soft and textured which I like! They are on sale frequently at Target too which I love.

The white washcloths are soft and not too thin. They come in a pack of six and are also frequently on sale at Target.

I love a good metal storage basket to spice things up in my otherwise boring cabinets.

I am having A GOOD TIME taking you guys along on my home decorating journey. I will update this post as I find new decor items for the bathroom and as I find new products that are affordable and useful! Keep checking back periodically as I update it!

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