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DIY Cheap + Easy Farmhouse Curtains

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I have seen posts all of Pinterest showing DIY farmhouse curtains. Some people use sheets and others use drop cloths. I have no idea where the idea originated. Probably from the queen of farmhouse herself, Joanna Gaines!

Anyway, I decided I would try out the farmhouse curtain situation and I am obsessed. It was $24 for one window treatment and I love how light and airy they look. I have been looking at curtains at Target and TJmaxx for weeks and couldn't seem to find what I wanted NOR did I want to pay nearly $100 to cover all of my living room windows.

Here is the post I read and followed her instructions: https://sawdust2stitches.com/cheap-white-curtains/

You would never guess that I used twin flat sheets and drapery rings would you?

Here is how I did it while following the above tutorial:

1. Buy twin flat sheets from Walmart. You will 2 sheets per one window. In my case, I needed 6 sheets total for 3 windows.

2. Buy drapery rings. I like the silver ones. They come in packs of 7 and you need about 7 per sheet so I bought 6 packs of them.

3. Iron or steam the sheets. You can tell that I ironed the curtains in the first photo and didn't in the second photo. I plan on steaming them later on but I loved them so much I just wanted the window finished.

4. Either pleat your curtains every few inches by pinching the sheet in half and then folding in half again OR just clip the drapery rings onto the sheet across the top evenly and BOOM you have farmhouse curtains.

5. Enjoy the way it makes your room bright and airy and save your husband some major bank. HA!

These are the curtain rods I use.

My husband raised our curtain rods a bit and I love how they drag the ground. It increased the cozy factor by 100% in our living room.

I love the project so much I decided to create the look on the other living room windows.

You can pleat the curtains at the top when you hang the curtains or simply clip the drapery rings on the fabric. That is totally a personal preference!

Let me know if you try this at home! I want to see how beautiful they turn out!

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