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Don't Give Me What I Want, Lord. Give Me What I Need.

Don’t give me what I want, Lord. Give me what I need.

This prayer came across my heart recently. It’s not an easy one to pray and it hit me like a ton of bricks when it came to my mind.

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Truth be told: I haven’t always been at this point in my walk with Christ. It’s uncomfortable to not get what we want, right? But the Christian life, I am learning, is not always comfortable.

There is a specific part of my life that I’ve been struggling with.

I’ve been asking God for wisdom and asking Him to resolve it the way I feel it needs to be resolved.

I think we all do this. We get stuck on the way we think and feel it should be. We paint this image in our brain of what it SHOULD be. We’re convinced that we’ve thought of all possible scenarios and resolved every issue we may face.

We truly believe we see all areas of our struggles. We truly believe we know every crack and dark corner of our situation.

“God, we’ve got this,” we reason in our hearts.

“God, please answer my prayer this way and fix this situation that way. I know it’s what I need,” we assure Him.

I fully claim Psalm 37:4 that says, “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

I used to think this verse meant that I could ask Him anything and the answer would always be a resounding, “yes”!

Then I dug deeper and realized that in order to get the desires of my heart fulfilled, I have to delight in my Heavenly Father.

When we delight in Him our desires change. We don’t want to solely ask God for things that benefit us. We start to ask Him to give us what He knows we need and what will ultimately bring Him glory.

I want to glorify Him even when life is hard.

I want to delight in Him knowing that my prayers are heard even when the answer isn’t what I thought it should have been.

I want to be so full of delight in Him that I gladly accept what comes into my life knowing that He will do what He knows is best for me.

God can see the big picture. He already knows the twists and turns in our life.

May we grow so full of faith that we ask Him to give us what we need and not only what we want.

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