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Get Out Of Your Hometown

Get out of your hometown.

I’m really glad we left our hometown for a multitude of reasons. It made us who we are but I am still glad we left.

It made us really uncomfortable to leave everything and everyone we had ever known but it was so good for us. HARD at times but GOOD.

We realized that it was us against the world.

We had to create our own life, find our own support system, and build a life together without being able to rely on our family being right now the road. Or church. Or favorite hangout spots. Or anything familiar.

I always joke with my husband that we literally learned the meaning of “leave and cleave” as the Bible says. It was only the two of us and now the four of us doing life together as our own little family.

It was challenging and hard to get used to for a good bit. Lots of tears were shed on my part as I struggled to find community while my husband tirelessly worked hard to provide for our family.

But we made it through by the grace of God and lots of coffee. Oh and lots of FaceTime calls to our lovely families that we miss SO much.

We’ve been blessed to have lived in several cool places and have met many amazing people. We’ve got friends all over the southeast and I love that.

Memories were made in many different places in the early years of our kids lives. They were born in two different states and are now being raised in a different state. I can’t wait to show them the pictures and tell them stories when they are older.

Paving our own path has been good for our young family and our marriage. We’re closer for it and it makes all the awkward, “Hey, I’m new here..” days worth it.

And with a view like this, I think I like the thoughts of raising my kids here in Tennessee...

What about you?! Are you a transplant?!

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