Gift Guide For Kids Under Five

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Christmas season is upon us and I am trying my hardest to not wait until December, 23rd to shop for gifts. Every year I wait until the last minute and I am determined this year that I won't let myself procrastinate any longer. The gifts below will work for kiddos under five-years old!

We are pretty minimalist in our house and try to purchase gifts for our kids that are educational, fun and open-ended! All items below are $25 and under!

1. Blocks

My kiddos love colorful blocks and the Duplo Lego's are perfect for them!

This 80-piece set here is under $20 and qualifies for Prime Free Shipping!

2. Best Water Bottle Ever

I have spent so much money on junk water bottles. CamelBak bottles are amazing and I won't purchase anything else for my kiddos. They last for FOREVER and the parts are removable so you don't have to worry about mold! I am going to add one to Walker's stocking this year since he is old enough to start using a water bottle and is obsessed with his big sisters. Grab your kids one in any print imaginable here.

3. Twistable Crayons

Regular crayons last about three days in our house since they break so easily. Twistable crayons don't break in half because they're plastic and your preschooler can twist up the crayon to color with. They are amazing and great for long road trips! Grab the ones we love here

4. The Coolest Play-Doh Set Ever

My kids LOVE Play-Doh and LOVE Baby Shark. This set is going to be amazing for them. If you have more than one child you can easily purchase one set and split them up between two stockings like I am going to do! Grab the baby shark set here.

This is the cutest Play-Doh set ever! You can click the image to purchase!

5. Large Pack of Dinosaurs! My kiddos love Dinosaurs and this big pack will easily take care of both of their stockings! Grab them here or click the image below!

6. Magnetic Tiles are a hit with preschoolers! The possibilities are limitless and these are great STEM toys! Grab them here or click the image below!

7.You fill the pens up with water, screw the lid on and let your kids have fun coloring! These are also great for road trips! Grab them here or click the image below!

8. For the little ladies in your life, grab them a pretend wooden toiletries set here!

9. For the little dudes in your life, grab them a wooden train set here! This is a large 55-piece set under $25.

10. My FAVORITE Nativity Set Ever

We are all about keeping Christ in Christmas in our home. This nativity set is perfect for kids! Grab it here!

Happy Shopping!

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