• Jordan Burchette

Give Yourself A Break

I love being busy.

I love checking things off of my to-do list.

I am OCD and I have a certain way I want things to go.

I try to plan out every single part of my life and when things don’t go as planned I get all out of sorts.

I struggle with change and it takes me awhile to get used to ‘new’ things in my life.

I have a bit of a control issue and need to have more faith that God has everything worked out, always.

He has already went before me and knows exactly how my life will play out. That is SO comforting, but yet I forget to think on that wonderful promise.

What about you, friend? Where do you fall? Are you your own worst critic and never let yourself fully rest? Or have you learned the importance of rest and self-care?

These final weeks of pregnancy have really shown me just how much I need to give myself a break sometimes and how I need to stop and breathe. I want everything to go the way I planned it and if I feel like I haven’t completed enough tasks in one day then I am unhappy with myself. I am all for meeting goals and enjoying every day to the fullest, but I have to give myself a break sometimes too. We all need to take time to rest and regroup.

I have learned that when I rush around and never stop to breathe and actually trust that God has everything in control, I end up burnt out and stuck in a bad mindset.

So stop beating yourself up over your never ending to-do list and stop telling yourself that you don’t need to rest and most importantly, STOP saying negative things to yourself.

Promise me that you will stop and give yourself a break?

Praying for you always, friend!

Trust God and take it easy!










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