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Homeschool Ideas-Safari Week

I am so excited to start sharing more homeschool content as we embark upon our homeschool journey with our daughter. She recently turned three years old and I have started choosing weekly themes for us to follow each week. We want to encourage our children to be lifelong learners. If she, and her baby brother in the next few years, need more challenging material then we will move right along. If they are struggling with a subject or skills, we will stay put and work harder on that area. I love that homeschooling gives you time freedom and truly the sky is the limit. I don't know if homeschooling will be our forever schooling option, but right now we feel that it is best for our littles. I think that keeping an open mind and reflecting on each year is important to see if what you're doing is working for all your kids.

Here are a few goals we have set for Preschool (I have looked over many preschool skill checklists to see what all we need to work on-you can find those by Googling " Preschool Skills Checklist"):

-Write her own name (she recognizes her name on paper but can't write it or spell it yet)

-Write the letters of the alphabet (she has mastered their correct order and their sounds)

-Read beginners reading books

-Memorize Bible Verses

-Start an extracurricular next Spring (maybe dance or softball-we are going to let her choose of course)

-Lots of art, music and dance!

-Lots of play-time and outdoor time

These are a few of our goals and I am sure I will add more as we go!

Things she has mastered so far: Sounds of the alphabet, can recognize a few words including her name, "Cat," and "Dog," She recognizes shapes, knows her colors, and can count to ten.

I love choosing a theme that we can easily incorporate into our week as she is still young. This week we are learning all about Safari Animals, or as she calls them, "Zoo Animals."

I get almost all of my ideas and activities from Pinterest AKA the holy grail of creativity. I have a special board called "Preschool Plans" on my Pinterest if you need ideas.


Here are a few books we picked up at the library for this weeks theme.

Good Night, Gorilla By Peggy Rathman

Curious George Visits The Zoo By Margret & H. A. Rey's

Hello Baby! By Mem Fox

Splat Says Thank You! Rob Scotton (Has nothing to do with Safari Animals but she insisted on getting it.)

I have found that choosing a theme for the week is helpful because you can teach all subjects within that theme. Here is what we have planned this week.

Reading: Read our library books, ask questions, and I will have our daughter tell me what the story was about (reading comprehension).

Math: Animal cracker counting

Art/Fine Motor Skills: Tiger Stripe Craft, Lion Mask, and Safari Coloring Sheets

Gross Motor/Play: Safari Animal Hospital and Build Your Own Zoo

Zoology/Science: We are reading and talking about a different animal each day. We will learn about each animals habitat, diet, day-to-day life, and their distinct sound/appearance.

Bible: Talk about creation and how God created all the animals in Genesis

Music: I found some really cute safari songs on Pinterest to sing with her and we love the "Lion Hunt" song that we heard on Little Baby Bum.

It is worth mentioning that the schedule does not always go as planned during the week. We may not squeeze in every craft and every song but we aim to complete all activities throughout the week.

I also keep crafts simple as simplicity is key with little ones. I pictured my main supplies below and will post pictures of completed crafts and activities throughout the week. I hope you enjoy following along and even if you don't homeschool, hopefully this gives you fun ideas for when your kids mumble the worlds worst words: "I am bored."

I would love to know what fun activities your kids enjoy!







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