• Jordan Burchette

I Put Mascara On Before My Husband Comes Home

I put mascara on before my husband comes home.

It is true, friends.

When the clock creeps closer to time for my husband to get home from work I slip away to our bathroom. I turn on the light and open my top drawer and grab my mascara.

I swipe a little bit on and take a few moments to freshen myself up after a long day of working, wrangling kids, and keeping a family running.

I don’t do it because I think I’m not presentable or beautiful without it.

I don’t do it because I’m a brow-beaten housewife contrary to what modern culture believes.

I don’t do it because I think he’ll love me more. (Heck, most days after a long day at work he doesn’t even notice small things like mascara and that is okay.)

Selfishly, I don’t JUST do it for him.

I do it because it reminds me to put forth effort in my marriage. Mascara or no mascara won’t better a marriage but it will keep me focused on a heart of service towards my spouse.

It will show that I think he’s worth my effort be it small or large.

It reminds me to always give him my best efforts in every way possible. It reminds me that I get to be a wife and do things to keep him guessing.

He’s worth it to me. When I grab that mascara after a long day I get butterflies thinking about the garage door opening signaling another day together.

Spend time serving your spouse today.

Every morning we get to wake up beside them is a gift.

Show them that they matter even if it looks like something as random as a few swipes of mascara to say, “Hey, I wanted to look and feel my best for you.”

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