• Jordan Burchette

I Use Child Harnesses & I Am Not Ashamed

I use child harnesses to keep my kiddos safe and right beside me at all times.

And I’m not ashamed.

It’s not a leash, as if I think my kids are animals, and it is certainly not hurting them. I tend to experience two groups of people when we are out and about with the harnesses.

1. Eye Roll Ellie’s: all the eye roll Ellie’s typically don’t have kids and are the ones saying, “If you aren’t fit enough to keep up with your kids then you don’t need to go anywhere.” Excuse me, eye-roll Ellie, I am in great shape and do, in fact, work out. Therefore, I am able to chase my kids around without breaking a sweat.

2. Solidarity Susie’s: the susie’s of the world tend to nod their head in solidarity. They get that kids run off faster than lightning and that there are lots of psychos lurking trying to steal kids. These are my people.

All jokes aside, the sex trafficking scandal(s) in the news have really been bothering me. In fact, I’m always bothered and nervous about it because it happens every single day. It’s not new news.

When I was in elementary school, I remember seeing faces of missing children on my milk container and it really haunted me.

It makes me physically ill to think about this happening to my children, my friend's children, or any child on the planet.

Taking two kids out alone gives me major anxiety.

I allow a very small list of people to watch my kids.

We no longer do child watch programs.

It’s too risky for us and although I can’t protect them from everything, I can do my best.

Far too often the overly-cautious moms get the whole “you-can’t-shelter-them-from-everything” lecture. I agree to an extent.

One day they will grow up and have to go out on their own. Jesus help

us when the day comes. But that is not today, friend. Today they are young and I’m trying to teach them how to be safe.

I need them to understand (as they get older) the dangers of kidnapping, strangers, and sex trafficking.

Because we live in a fallen world that is full of evil. Sure we’ve got GOOD people out there and GOOD things going on too but our world is broken.

And I want to be diligent as a mama so I can go to bed at night and know that I’ve done all I possibly can to protect them and leave the rest in God’s hands.

Don’t let anyone make you feel silly for being protective. God gave you those babies for a reason and it IS your job to protect them.

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