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I Will Take A Silicone Ring Left On My Counter Over Flowers Any Day

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

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My husband was on a business trip several months ago and left his wedding ring on our bathroom counter. I found it while cleaning and jokingly texted him a picture of it. He knew I was kidding and truly (all of my messy insecurities aside) I was just messing with him.

Did I ask him to buy a new wedding ring?


It’s actually a running joke in our house that he can’t keep up with them. We have these little silicone rings sitting in every windowsill in our house and he keeps five hundred in his car cup holder. He never wears his fancy metal ring because he hates the way they feel and let’s be honest, he will lose it. We were joking via text about the ring and I didn’t think another thing about it until he sent me this photo.

I’m not naive enough to believe that a silicone ring worn on someone’s finger means they are upstanding or faithful or even a good spouse. We make the decision to be that way internally in our heart and I’m thankful my man is all three of those things. However, his gesture meant more than flowers or romantic getaways or gifts to me. It was life-altering. I’ll take that over the most romantic date in the universe.

Find a man who understands your insecurities and does everything in his power to help you overcome them.

I would gladly take this seemingly ordinary photograph over all of that “romantic” stuff any day. He didn’t have to stop and get another ring or even let me know he did it. Yet, he did. I knew it was a mistake and I wasn’t upset about it at all. Yet, he knows my insecurities and wanted to at least put them to rest for a moment in time.

I don’t even think my husband thought twice about it before sending it to me. He knows I struggle with the fear of losing our marriage (I talk in-depth about this on the podcast if you’d like to hear more). He just did and it meant the world to me.

Find a man who helps put your insecurities to rest. Although he can’t fully put them to rest (only Jesus has that power) he can sit beside me while they rage and reassure me that we are a team.

So many women are looking for romance but not substance. Romantic gestures and flowers and dates are awesome. I’m a hopeless romantic so I love the sappy stuff just as much as the next gal. However, if you aren’t looking for a man of substance then you’re going to come up short every time. They should do what they say they will do and be who they claim to be. No one is perfect but if you stumble upon a man of substance that will take time out of his business trip to stop and buy a cheap, silicone wedding ring just to make you smile; marry him.

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