• Jordan Burchette

If It Isn't Working; Change It! ​

Our garbage can sits pushed up against a wall in our kitchen. It's the wall right near our microwave and toaster. Our calendar hangs above it and my aprons hang beside the calendar. The garbage can placement drives me insane. Food occasionally splatters on the wall which means I have to clean the wall frequently. I am always annoyed at the thing as it is just in my way. Today I realized that I have the power to move the garbage can. That sounds so silly, doesn't it? I can move it. I can move that pesky can to a more convenient place in my kitchen. The OCD in me would prefer all trash to be outdoors approximately 20ft away from the house but that definitely wouldn't be convenient for me either.

I asked myself this question: How often do we get stuck doing the same things over and over? Words such as "Routine" and "Tradition" immediately flood my mind. If you have read my words for any length of time then you will know that I do love a good routine. However, I can get obsessed with my routine and it is often hard for me to break my routine. I am working on this part of my heart as it can be dangerous to become obsessed with routine. There are times when my daily routine just isn't working for our family. I need to change something. I change it and I move on.

We tell ourselves that since this is the way we have lived for so long that it must be right. Wrong. We must never stop growing. It is not enough to just assume that we are doing the right things without stopping to analyze our lives. If something isn't working; change it.

If something isn't working; change it!

Don't get so stuck in your tradition that you don't make room for growth. Spiritually, we can't expect to grow closer to God if we only read the Bible for "x" amount of minutes each day and pray the same prayer over and over. Physically, we can't follow the same health routine all of our lives if it isn't making us healthier. Mentally, we can't keep telling ourselves the same lies we have told ourselves for years. Financially, we can't keep spending money we don't have if we want to leave a financial legacy.

God woke us up this morning and I want us to live this day, and each day He graciously gives us, whole-heartedly and intentionally.

Friend, I want to encourage you today to change your life.

If you have let your spiritual life get dull and are not as close to Christ as you once were; change it. God is always ready to talk and will never leave you.

If you have mentally told yourself discouraging lies for years; change it.

If you have found yourself completely overwhelmed with all of your commitments; change it.

There are certainly situations in life that we can't change. There are times when we go through things that only God can fix. However, the lives He has given us can be changed in the areas we have control over. He instructs us to follow Him and live a life to please Him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy paths."

God changes our lives when He saves us. He also gives us wisdom on how to fix issues in our lives when we ask Him.

Praying for you always, friend!

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