• Jordan Burchette

It Is Still Morning In Heaven

“Mommy, Jesus is watching over you tonight. He really is. He won’t go to sleep. It’s not dark in heaven... it is still morning there,” she very confident exclaimed last night.

Gulp. Immediately I felt my entire world come to a screeching halt when my daughter spoke those words.

We had just finished up our nightly book and prayer time. I had kissed their faces and tucked them under their quilts and started to walk towards the door when she stopped me cold.

I barely gathered up the dirty laundry before having to sit down and catch my breath. Whoa.

She doesn’t know that my anxiety grows more ominous when it grows dark outside and I’m worn from a busy day.

She doesn’t know the worries that are weighing heavily on my heart.

She doesn’t know how hard I try to keep my head above water at times.

She doesn’t know how serious I take the calling of being a mother. Wife. Friend. Business owner. Writer. All. The. Titles.

She doesn’t know about any of these things that linger in my mind and she doesn’t need to know.

But God does. He knows.

If you keep your ears and eyes open, you will learn so much through your kids. I could sit down with you over coffee and tell you story after story about the times' God has taught me something through my kids in only four short years.

It’s wild.

So tonight as you go to bed and start to feel afraid... I want to remind you that God doesn’t sleep.

He doesn’t sleep and forget about your problems. He doesn’t sleep to recharge. He doesn’t sleep when you pray. He is wide-awake and is watching over you. It’s still “morning in heaven” and I’m one-hundred percent sure God has our lives in His hands.

So often I tell my children that God is watching over them but a lump always forms in my throat when the words escape my lips.

He’s watching over you too, friend! Don’t forget that.

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