• Jordan Burchette

Just A Reminder

I love John Chapter Six. If you're not familiar with that passage of scripture, I encourage you to open your Bible tonight and read it. The verses always remind me that God is faithful. Time and time and time again He shows up for His people. It is one of my favorite passages of scripture and I bet it would be an encouragement to you too!

In this passage of scripture, Jesus had just fed five thousand hungry people (verse 10). Yes, you read that right...five thousand people. There were even leftovers after the meal was over (verse 13). The disciples were in awe and then jumped on a ship that evening to travel to Capernaum (verse 17). Keep in mind that Jesus had just fed five thousand people with a few loaves of bread and two small fish. The disciples were on the ship when a violent storm came and they were afraid (verse 18-19). Jesus just performed a miracle earlier and yet, the disciples forgot. Jesus walked upon the water and says in verse 20, "But he saith unto them, It is I; be not afraid." Immediately the ship is on dry land and the disciples are, most likely, relieved.

How quickly do we forget the storms God has brought us through? The dark, dreary, tragic, terrified times in our life that we have endured. I know in my own walk with Christ that as soon as those storm clouds clear and the sun in my soul comes back again, I forget. I forget that He is worthy to be praised and thanked for being faithful to me; yet again.

It is so relieving when God shows up in our lives and delivers us from a season, sin, or storm. The hard part of a storm is trusting that God will, once again, prove Himself faithful to us. I needed this reminder today and maybe you need it too.

In case you have forgotten, I want to remind you that you can keep going forward. God has brought you so far already if you just pause to remember. He fully intends to continue carrying you throughout your life. He gives us strength when we honestly don't fathom taking another step forward. That obstacle or season that you're dreading is creeping up on you and it is scaring you. However, it is no match for God. You will make it through. Don't forget all the times God has kept you safe.

Lauren Daigle wrote an incredible song called "Remember". My favorite part sings,

"I remember, I remember You have always been faithful to me I remember, I remember Even when my own eyes could not see You were there, always there

I will lift my eyes even in the pain Above all the lies, I know You can make a way I have seen giants fall, I have seen mountains move I have seen waters part because of You"

There is so much truth in that song and I think that it would encourage you to give it a listen today!

Keep the faith, friend!






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