Kid + Young Adult Christmas Gift Guide 2020 🎄

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

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I am aware that it is only mid-October. I am aware that we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving. I am aware that we still have a few weeks until Christmas. However, I learned a hard lesson last year when it comes to holiday shopping.

I waited until December to start. Rookie mistake, right?

This year I am determined to shop early and shop smarter! I spent the few days leading up to Christmas last year stressed over last-minute gifts for our large Southern families. This year I am determined to finish all of my Christmas shopping by December 5th.

Yes, you read that right, friend! I am going to knock this shopping out early this year and enjoy the entire month of December stress-free! I am doing this for 2 reasons.

  1. Everything is in stock both in-store and online.

  2. I want to spend wisely and intentionally as we are big on budget-friendly spending

If I haven't lost you yet due to your shock that I am chatting about Christmas in October then YAY I am glad you're still reading! I love Christmas! I am that annoying person that will talk about Christmas year-round because it is never TOO early to chat about snowy evenings (in my Southern TN living dreams), Christmas decorations, get-togethers, and the most important part of Christmas; the birth of Jesus Christ!

So if you're ready to knock out your shopping list without further ado, I present to you my complete gift guide to kids + young adults. Everything can be found on Amazon and almost everything is free two-day shipping for Prime members! I am an avid Amazon shopper because it is so easy and I am not a fan of taking my two preschoolers out shopping all day.

I have this guide sectioned off by age group from babies to young adults so every young person on your list is covered! I hope you get your list knocked-out quickly and pray you have a Merry Christmas! 🎄

Gift Ideas for Babies 🎄

Affordable gifts for the littlest ones in your life! My kiddos loved the Glo Worm and stackable cups when they were babies. Most babies love chewing on teethers and playing with toys that make lots of noise.

Gift Ideas for Preschoolers + Toddlers 🎄

I am especially excited to share this list of gift ideas because several of these gifts are gifts I have picked out for my kiddos. Our daughter has been asking for a camera and a dollhouse and I am so excited to have found those on this list. Our son has been obsessed with everything fire-house and taking pictures on my phone so the fire-station and camera will be a hit with him as well! We have the bounce house and it has been a hit all year long after we bought it for the kids last year. Lastly, the flower set and puzzles for toddlers are always a hit when we go to the public library so those may be a stocking stuffer for my two.

More options for your toddlers/preschoolers! I grabbed the dolls for a family member and plan to grab a few more gifts on this list! 🎄

Gift Ideas for School-Aged Kids (5-9) 🎄

Fun gift ideas for your school-aged kiddos and family members. Elementary school was such a fun time for me as a kid! I loved all things glitter, sports, and karaoke! I would blast my Hilary Duff CD on full-blast from my American Idol brand karaoke machine before my basketball games. Good times, people, good times! 😆💃

We ordered legos for a special little boy in our lives and can't wait to see his face when he opens them. I would never be patient enough to put together a 500 piece lego set but my husband loves doing stuff like that! A science kit or microphone would be a fun gift for the elementary-aged kiddos in your life. 🎄

Gift Ideas for Tweens (10-13)

I am giddy about the popcorn machine and snow cone maker. Several kiddos in our life will be getting that fun gift. How fun would it be to set up a snack area in your tween's bedroom? I have noticed that makeup items and gaming gadgets are big with the tween age group right now so that is a fail-proof gift for the tweens in your life. 🎄

Gift Ideas for Teenagers (14-18) 🎄

Teens are probably the easiest to shop for besides babies. I only listed a few items here because most teens are going to want money or gift cards most likely BUT I have several more options listed on my Amazon Storefront. 🎄

I enjoy buying gifts for people in my life and hope this gift guide helps you out a little even if you hate shopping!

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