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Loving Them Through Every Season

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I received a Facebook Memories notification this morning reminding me that I wrote this blog post two years ago. Besides the immediate realization that I had a couple of glaring grammatical errors (how did I miss those?), I was quickly moved to tears as I read my own words. I was struggling at that time to connect with my spouse as life was hectic and I was about to give birth to our second-born baby. We had a lot going on at that time and I found myself rolling up to the nurse's station praying that I was dilated enough to have a baby.

I won't ruin the story since you're about to read it for yourself, but God knew I needed this reminder again today. Two whole years later and life is still chaotic and we still find ourselves struggling to spend quality time with one another. Our kids are a little older but regular date nights are a once-every-few-months rarity.

So just in case you need the reminder in your marriage, I want you to read my thoughts and keep loving your spouse fiercely so you don't lose sight in the mundane.

There will be a season of unlimited date nights without littles screaming for more water in their bedrooms.

There will be a season where romance will sizzle and you won't even need to lock your bedroom door.

There will be a season where you can sleep in on a Saturday morning as long as you want.

There will be a season where you get to talk freely without interuption.

In the meantime, enjoy the season you're in with your babies and look forward expectantly to those seasons where it will be just the original two; you two!

Our current quarantine situation and look...


My original blog graphics make me giggle. So glad I got better at photos.

A few weeks ago, I thought I was going into labor. My husband and I headed to the hospital and were hoping to take our baby boy home with us. Sadly, I was only dilated to 2cm and labor had definitely not started. *SIGH*

The doctor told me to walk around the hospital for an hour to see if that would help send me into active labor. So dear husband and I went outside and walked around the hospital for an hour and it was the best.

You’re probably wondering why walking around the hospital nine-months pregnant and exhausted at 9 pm is great, right? That night was special because my husband and I got to spend quality time together. We strolled and sipped on our coffee and reflected on how far God had brought us the past 5 years and it was hands-down one of the sweetest memories we have made so far. We jokingly said it was our date-night and we enjoyed every second of it as it brought back memories of dating days where we walked around the local mall talking each other's ears off.

You see… this current season of our life has been C R A Z Y busy as my husband's company is thriving, we are close to becoming a family of four, and life, in general, has been busy. We don’t get to spend as much alone time together as we would like, but God has been speaking to my heart about the importance of deeply loving my spouse through every season we go through. Even the busy and incredibly difficult seasons we may face.

All too quickly, our children will be older and won’t need us every second of everyday and life will slow down. Free time will be easier to come by and date nights will be planned on the fly. We will find that we can spend more quality, one-on-one time together and that will be another season full of blessings, growth, and change. Some seasons feel dull and seem to drag by, but God has a purpose for every season he brings our marriage to and through. The same goes for your marriage too, friend!

We have almost been married for three years and have moved three times, had two babies (almost), bought our first home, and endured some trying seasons together. I wouldn’t change a thing about these past few years because God has grown our relationship greatly and we are each other's best friend and confidant.

It seems that every day I hear about another couple who is splitting up after many years of being together and I can’t help but wonder what happened? Seasons change rapidly and life is definitely tough at times, but what is happening that causes spouses to simply walk away so easily? Does a season get so trying that the couple forgets that it will eventually end and God will get them through it? We could speculate all day, but the truth is that without God first in marriage and first in the life of a husband and wife… it will fail and/or not be as God intended it to be.

My biggest prayer and goal as a wife is to hold fast to God and to my spouse through all of life’s many seasons. I want us to look back in fifty years and say that we made it with God’s help. Every season won’t hold romantic dates and smooth sailing, but can still be enjoyed because of the bond you share with your spouse. I want to love my spouse through each season and trust that God will strengthen our relationship through it all. I pray that this encourages you to keep holding onto your spouse and trusting that God has a plan for all the mud and muck you may face as a couple.

Whatever season you find your marriage in, do know that I am praying for you and for my marriage. We all have so much to learn and I can't wait to see what's next!

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