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My Daughter's Birth Story

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

In honor of our due date for baby #2 being four short weeks away, I thought it would be fun to share my daughters birth story! She just turned two and I am so thankful that she is healthy and happy, but so sad to see her growing so fast. I thank God everyday for her and I can't wait to see what an awesome big sister she will be to her baby brother, Walker!

Lets jump right into the story before I ramble for hours about how much I adore my kid(s). :)

My pregnancy was textbook perfect. I had very minimal sickness and generally felt pretty great the whole time. Around 38 weeks, I was tired of being pregnant so my husband and I decided to walk around the mall to see if we could induce labor. Keep in mind, I was already dilated to a three and a half centimeters before we started walking around the mall so I was hoping to make some more progress. We walked and walked and WALKED and I noticed that I was having steady contractions. They were uncomfortable and I would have to stop and hold onto my husband's arm, but they weren't causing me so much pain that I was falling in the floor and crying.

A huge misconception I had, was that contractions would hurt so bad I would cry and lay in the floor writhing in pain and know without a doubt I was in labor... not always true, people! If you're one of those people who tell other pregnant ladies that... please stop it! Labor pains are different for everyone as everyone has a different pain tolerance.

Back to the story!

I call my doctor because the contractions are steady and I had been having them for a while. My doctor doesn't believe that I am in true labor (because of the sound of my voice) and says to call him back in an hour if I continue to have contractions that are three minutes apart. We go get in the car and head to get something to eat all while I am timing my contractions. At this point, I am still uncomfortable, but I am not convinced it is true labor. We get to Wendy's and order our food and the contractions keep coming and it has almost been an hour so I call my doctor back and let him know. He STILL doesn't believe that I am in labor, but says to head to the hospital and have them check to see if I have dilated any just to be safe.

The hospital isn't far and we roll up to the designated 'Expectant Mother' parking spaces and I walk in and they immediately take me back to a room. The contractions are still steady and I am having to focus on breathing and hold onto my husband as they come and go. I get into the hospital gown, lay down in the bed and the nurse comes in to see if I have dilated anymore. While she is checking me, a strange look comes across her face and she says, "Hold on, let me go get another nurse to check behind me to make sure I am right." The second nurse comes in and checks and they inform us that we are SEVEN AND A HALF centimeters dilated and that they can't believe how calm I am.

Just a few minutes earlier, my doctor did not believe I was in labor and thankfully we went to the hospital or I would have likely had a baby at the mall. :)

The nurses quickly got me hooked up to an IV and they took me down to a delivery room to await the arrival of our sweet baby girl.

The nurse begged me to not get an epidural because I was so close to the pushing stage that she really believed I could handle it. I wish now I would have listened to her, but alas I didn't and they came in the room to do the epidural.

The epidural wasn't that painful in my opinion, but was definitely uncomfortable. They got me all set up and left the room, but I wasn't numb... anywhere. I could move my legs, feet, and was still feeling the contractions like normal. My doctor obviously noticed it wasn't working and he said they could try again, but we were at a nine centimeters by that point so he advised they quickly try once more and then we needed to start pushing.

We were definitely freaking out... because I thought WOW... this will hurt so bad, but I wasn't taking into consideration the fact that I had already made it to a nine centimeters without shedding a tear or anything and I could do this. But, I had them try the epidural a second time and it didn't work, again! It was a total waste of time! HA!

So they gave me Pitocin and we waited around an hour before I started feeling the urge to push.

Side story: I am laying there anxiously wanting to push because I wanted that part to be over with and I wanted to have my baby with me safe and sound. My dear husband and my amazing doctor were both turned towards the TV as it was election time and Ted Cruz was killing it in the Wisconsin primary. They both were serious Ted Cruz fans and I hated to interrupt them, but I had a serious urge to push!

We pushed for about an hour and our sweet girl did get stuck near the end, but she finally made her way out.. well actually she was forced out by my awesome nurse who decided it was time she came out... HA! Emmeline was born on March, 5th at 11:55pm in Asheville, North Carolina and weighed seven pounds and two ounces. She was and is perfect and we adore her!

My husband was my biggest cheerleader, my doctor was so awesome, and all the nurses who took care of us were so sweet and helpful! I had a wonderful experience!

Labor + Delivery was honestly not as scary as I thought it would be and I am so thankful for that as I prayed really hard leading up to that day that God would help us through the whole process.

Lets hope my second delivery goes as smoothly or maybe even better!









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