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My Favorite Cozy Day Necessities

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Fun fact about me: I HATE winter. Actually, I LOATHE winter! My skin dries out and my feet stay the temperature of ice cubes and I have to sleep with fifteen blankets to stay warm. If the temperature outside is not above 40 then you can almost always count on me staying home in my warm house with my favorite yoga pants and house shoes. #homebody

I will retire one day to a place that stays 65 and above year-round. No bulky jackets or chapped hands. It sounds like heaven to me, friends! My dilemma: My husband actually likes wintertime. UGH.

However, I want to share my favorite cozy day products that I use to get me through the dark, dreary days. Thankfully, our winter has been mild (and maybe I am being a bit dramatic) but it has still been too cold for my taste. We have mainly had tons of rain and dark, dark DARK days. Hopefully these fun items will get you through the dark days of winter! We have experienced a few really sunny days this week but any true southerner knows that this is a fools Spring. Hopefully the real spring will show up soon!

The Cold Coffee and Cotton Stems Blog
My favorite place: Curled up on the couch with a full cup of hot coffee

1. Most Important Item You Need: A Coffee System

I have the Keurig K-Duo Single Serve + Carafe and it is as amazing as it sounds. If I have guests over, I can brew an entire pot of coffee or if it is just me, myself and I, I will use a coffee pod. It is a great system and well worth the price! I typically drink hot coffee in the winter and iced coffee in the summer. It makes the winter feel a bit warmer to hold a steaming hot mug of coffee.

The Cold Coffee and Cotton Stems Blog
My Current Coffee Situation-Still trying to decide where I want my coffee bar to be in our new house

2. Coffee Pods

I have tried a lot of coffee pods and nothing has suited me quite like the Starbucks Cafe Verona pods and the Archer Farms French Roast pods. I like a dark roast coffee with a splash of carmel macchiato creamer.

3. Cute Coffee Mug

I am a minimalist. Until it comes to my coffee cup collection. It is BAD. I won't pass up a cute coffee mug and my coffee cup cabinet is already full. I can't help myself.

The Cold Coffee and Cotton Stems Blog
My coffee mug collection thus far...

4. House Shoes or Slippers

Some people call them house shoes and others say slippers so whatever you call it, you need these to survive freezing temps. Mason bought me the adorable "Mama Bear" slippers for Christmas and they're so cozy! They also have "papa bears" and if my husband was a house shoe kind of guy you best believe he would be wearing a pair.

The Cold Coffee and Cotton Stems Blog
The most comfy and cute slippers ever!

5. Fuzzy Socks

You can't have cute slippers without cute, fuzzy socks. Enough said. For real though, the socks with the treads are amazing for winter if you're clumsy like me and fall easily.

6. Queen Size Fuzzy Blanket

I have shared this in a previous post before so I will share it again if you missed it. You need a queen size fuzzy blanket on your bed for winter. It is cozy and warm and wonderful.

The Cold Coffee and Cotton Stems Blog
I love my cozy fuzzy blanket!

7. Yoga Pants

I have three pairs of straight-legged yoga pants from Target and they have lasted me for nearly three years now. I have obviously worn them a lot since having two small children and have washed them a thousand times. They wash really well and don't have those annoying little fuzzy picks all over them like some clothes do after you wash them a few times.

The Cold Coffee and Cotton Stems Blog
If I am home then this is my uniform

8. Comfy T-Shirt

I usually just grab a t-shirt from my husbands drawer TBH but found this open backed workout top at Walmart the other day. I needed a few new workout pieces since my athletic wear is wearing out and stumbled across this top. It is super comfy to wear around the house.

9. Light Jacket

I haven't stopped wearing the black jacket from Walmart because it is so comfortable and cute! It is $20 and has the fun thumb-holes to keep your hands warm. Win!

10. Sports Bra

I have tried all. the. bras. on the market, people! I have bought expensive Aerie bras and cheap Target bras and bras from TJMAXX and none of them make me happy like a sports bra does. LOL Obviously, I have to wear real bras with most outfits but if I am home I want a seamless sports bra. They are the best things ever to be made for women and I won't change my mind.

11. Lotion

Seriously, winter makes my skin so dry even while I drink five gallons of water a day. I love my Palmer's Lotion and use both the regular lotion and their specialty lotion for stretch-marks because #kids.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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