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My Word For 2019...

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Happy *ALMOST* New Year! I can't believe this is my very last blog post of 2018!!

As I mentioned yesterday, our word of the year for 2018 was build. Although we didn't reach all of our goals, we did reach a lot of them! I feel as if we can end the year very content on how far we came as a family in 2018.

My word of the year for 2019 is LEAP.

Here is the definition of Leap (Verb):


1. to spring free from or as if from the ground

2a: to pass abruptly from one state or topic to another

b: to act precipitately

c: to make a sudden rush to do something; act eagerly and suddenly

I love this word. I have to admit that I never read the full definition of the word leap. I always assumed it meant to jump really high. I had no idea that it also meant to do something eagerly and suddenly.

We are leaping into 2019...

I want to leap into the new year excitedly as I know God has a great year ahead even if the year brings difficult seasons.

I want to leap into serving my husband and children.

I want to take a giant leap of faith and work hard to make 2019 the year my blog takes off.

I want to leap at the chance to learn something new and experience new opportunities.

I want to leap towards my dreams of writing a book.

I want to leap at any opportunity to build up my spouse and family.

I want to quickly leap when I hear a friend is in need of encouragement.

I want to leap at every opportunity to help others.

I want to leap away from the lies and insecurities that hold me back and instead leap towards truth.

I want to leap in my relationship with Christ. I want to know him deeper each passing day.

2019 is our year to leap towards the goals we have set together!

A few personal goals I have set for 2019 and how I am making them happen:

1. Make Bible reading + prayer a top-priority each morning before getting my day started (I struggle with this)

2. Start my day earlier (I have never been a morning person but I am trying to make myself one)

3. Stop holding myself back (I am determined that 2019 is the year I am putting all my talent into the blog and working on fun, new content.)

4. Seek out needs that need to be met in the community (Volunteering time, money and talents to organizations I want to support)

5. Intentionally make time to sit down and talk to people face-to-face

A few financial goals we have set for our family in 2019:

1. Finish Baby Step 3 (3-6 months of expenses fully funded in Emergency Fund). We are making this happen by saving extra money and should actually have this step checked-off in March.

2. Baby Step 4-Invest 15% into retirement

3. Baby Step 5-Start college funding for kids

4. Baby Step 6-This is the step where you pay off your home so that will take a few more years. ;)

5. We are saving for a couple of different home projects in 2019.

6.Give generously along the way :)

A few personal family goals we have set:

1. Go on a date night at least once a month

2. Plan fun family outings

3. Visit a place we've never visited before (figuring out the "where" part of this one)

4. Start a blessings jar where we write down a blessing each week. (Thanks, Pinterest!)

5. Pay cash for new flooring in our home

I am sure we will add to this list but here is an idea as you make your 2019 goal list!

Do you have a word of the year you focus on?

I would love to hear from you!














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