• Jordan Burchette

Our Greatest Adventure Yet

In case you haven't heard already, WE ARE MOVING to Tennessee!

You have no clue how happy I am that I can use the pick-up line, "Are you from Tennessee? Cause you're the only ten I see!" on my husband every single day and really mean it.

I can't believe the time has already come, but we are spending the last full-week (ever) in our first home. We close on our new house next week and will spend it transitioning and starting a brand-new chapter.

This chapter is exciting yet bittersweet. We have loved every moment in our current home as it was our very first home ever. The day we closed on our home was such a wonderful day as we had worked so hard to get to that point in our lives. We brought Walker James, our very last baby, home to this house so his infancy will forever be intertwined with this home on the hill in Upstate, South Carolina. Dinner table laughs, family gatherings and incredible memories were made here.

We took this picture the day we closed on our home. Walker James was still in my belly and Emmeline was so little!

Our First Home!

As we embark upon our next adventure, I can't help but be reminded of the goodness of God. He has orchestrated the past few months in only a way that He can orchestrate. I tend to get really comfortable in the usual and predictable. It seems as if God keeps changing the plans and I am learning just to trust Him. He truly always knows best and I am so grateful for the adventures along the way.

Maybe He is calling you to do something drastic. It doesn't look predictable or maybe it doesn't even make sense. Trust Him. He won't let you down. Your best chapter yet could be ahead but you're holding yourself back and you don't even know it. Sure it won't be easy and it may be uncomfortable, but go for it. Trust that God is writing the story and He may be ready to start a new chapter in your life.

This week will be spent packing and reminiscing and enjoying every second in our home. We are so incredibly excited about our new chapter. I can't wait to see what God has in store for our family.

The Burchette's are coming for you, Tennessee!

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