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Pour Your Heart Out On These Pages

The following quote is from a faithful blog follower who purchased their copy of my Seasons of Life Journal.

"I lost my mama two years ago and I have found that pouring out my thoughts and feelings in the Seasons of Life Journal has helped to comfort me and remind me of how God truly blesses us and extends His grace and mercy even during the difficult seasons. It is also a great way to remember and reflect on the seasons of your life, to learn from them and to grow. I hope that one day my words may be of help to someone going through a difficult season."

This quote brought me to tears because it is exactly what I wanted the journal to do for people. My goal was to create a journal where they could pour out their heart and soul on the pages. Most journals are sat unused on a shelf for a lifetime and then are eventually tossed. This journal is not just lines on paper as that can be overwhelming. Throughout the journal, I have guided prompts in each of the three sections (Triumphant Seasons + In-Between Seasons + Difficult Seasons) for you to organize all of your thoughts and experiences.

Go to your most private place with an audience of one person only; God almighty. In this space you can let the words flow freely even if writing isn't your strong suit. This guided journal is a space to keep the most memorable memories from your life all in one place. When you purchase this gift you're purchasing a gift for generations to come as they read your words long after you're gone.

When a loved one passes away we typically look through their old journals and Bibles. The margins in their bibles are typically full of their lessons learned and wisdom gained from over the years. I wanted this journal to be a larger space to record all of those nuggets of wisdom for your kids and grandkids to read one day. I would love for you to get your copy today! I pray the journal blesses you in every way imaginable as you remember God's goodness in your life.

Get your copy here: https://www.coldcoffeeandcottonstems.com

Fill out the form on the homepage and your journal will pop up in your mailbox soon! :)

If you need a large quantity of journals for your special event, send me an email! I would love to come set up a table and speak about my journals at your event!

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