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This blog was birthed after a ‘season change’ in my life.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” KJV

When we think of seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter immediately come to mind. Spring brings us to life again after the long, cold wintery months with flowers in full bloom, warmer weather, and plenty of sunshine; summer brings hot weather, vacation, and lots of outdoor activity; fall brings a much needed cool down and is a time for apple picking and sweaters; winter brings us chilly weather, the holidays, and plenty of indoor family time. Each season is unique and has a specific purpose. God clearly created each season to be different as each season holds something new for us to enjoy and to be grateful for.

This blog was birthed after a ‘season change’ in my life.

I really began thinking about seasons after a season God brought me through this past year. I prayed last winter that God would allow me to work from home and help bring in a little extra income. I am a stay-at-home Mama and that will always be my number one ‘job’ as I specifically prayed that this job would not take me away from my responsibilities as a wife and mother. Around February, a position literally fell into my lap and the job had flexible hours and I could work from home. It was PERFECT! I would be writing Christian news stories for a local Christian newspaper paper and would write a few larger articles on local ministries here and there for compensation. Writing has always been something that I have enjoyed and it has always allowed me to adequately express myself. God showed me the deeper meaning of my hobby and that it was a talent HE had given me and wanted me to use.

Around the time I got the job with the Christian newspaper, my husband and I decided that we were going to really work hard and get our car paid off before the end of the year. We wanted to be debt free and then work our way towards buying our first home. This was the first big blessing God brought to us after I prayed for a job. Quickly, I worked my way up in the newspaper and began writing a TON of content and my paychecks showed the hard-work that was going into keeping up with a household, a small child, and writing for hours a day. For around 8 months, I worked hard and God allowed me to bring in more income than I ever thought was possible for me as a stay-at-home Mama. It allowed my husband and I to pay our car off 2.5 months earlier than we expected and we were able to purchase our first house last year.

Soon after we paid off the car, I lost my job with the Christian newspaper. Newspaper’s are quickly becoming a thing of the past as online news media is taking over. I was crushed. I thought that it would be a lasting season but God had other plans. God revealed to me the fact that the season had come to an end, but that HE had allowed me to help pay off our car and HE showed me my true passion and talent for writing and encouraging others. Although I was sad to see the season go, I know that what HE has in store for this season is going to be even more fruitful than the last. Sometimes he closes a door to open up another door that will bring us more blessings than we could have ever dreamed up in our hearts.

Friend, trust HIM in whatever season HE has you in and hold fast to when each season comes to an end.

- Jordan

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