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Simple Valentine's Day Decor

*The links in this blog post are affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you purchase through these links.* To read my full disclosure click here.*

I LOVE Valentine's Day! I don't decorate the whole house for the day of love but I add a few touches here and there for the fun holiday. If you want to shop these items, you can scroll to the bottom and find all the items I am talking about!

Funny Story: This table was already in our house when we bought it and I asked if we could keep it and they let us have it for FREE! It is a solid wood table that seats six people. I really want to paint it this spring and replace the chairs with metal chairs but that sounds like a lot of work. Ha!

Buffalo Check Table Runner-You can use buffalo plaid for all four seasons and I love how versatile it is! I didn't like how short my table runner was and wish I would have ordered the longer one. The one linked above is 72inches so it will fit MOST tables even if you have a table that runs on the long side.

Red Pom Pom Garland-I got this at Hobby Lobby around Christmas and unfortunately they don't have it in stock. However, this is a similar garland option and just as pretty! I buy colors and prints that I can use year-round as it saves me money!

Rae Dunn Inspired XOXO Sign-I found mine at TJMAXX and actually paid a few bucks more than this one I found on Etsy. I only saw one in my TJMAXX when I found the one I have.

Wooden Planter Box-My Mom gifted me my wooden box and it is a bit longer than this one I found under $10 at Michaels Craft Store. I love a good wooden box. They go great on the table, bathroom counters and on a coffee table.

The white candlestick holders are Milk Glass and you have to go to a thrift store or antique store to find these. Ebay is also a great place to look for milk glass since they don't make it anymore. If you're lucky, you will find the candlesticks but I am thinking about purchasing two larger candlestick holders for the table. I will keep y'all posted if I find any!

I am a bargain shopper and love finding things here and there!

Simple Valentine's Day Table-Scape

I am very simple and don't like a TON of color. I really like neutrals but during special holidays I try to incorporate a little color. I really like the color red in small doses and this garland makes me so happy. As far as my table goes, I have been on the hunt for six pretty plates to go on my chargers. I debated on adding a third charger that was made out of jute but haven't decided if it will be too much yet.

What I Have Come Up With For Place Settings So Far

I plan on keeping the white and silver chargers but might add a rectangle jute placemat to the bottom layer. I will keep you posted! I do have a spring table runner that I can't wait to show you guys! I want to enjoy my Valentine's Decor a little longer. Also, I need to find some pretty plates to go on top and some napkins. I am currently on the hunt for those as well.

White Doily Chargers-I got mine at Hobby Lobby but they are out of stock and I think they may be discontinuing them? These from Michaels Craft Store are very similar and close in price. This is another item that I can use year-round since they are white. I love the detail!

Silver Placemats-These add a little bit of texture to the table and they were under $3 a piece at Target.

I am highly considering adding a jute placemat like these to the middle of the current stack but haven't pulled the trigger yet! It takes me FOREVER to make a decision. Let me know what your thoughts are on that... too much? More depth? Help a girl out!

My China Cabinet

I LOVE my antique china cabinet. It was given to me by my grandpa as it was his mothers. I will cherish it forever and it is one of my most favorite pieces of furniture ever! You also can't take a picture of it without being in the photo. HA!

Greenery-I use this greenery on my table and plan on getting another strand of it for my Spring table-scape. I bought the Hearth and Hand Bay Leaf garland a few months ago at Target but it looks like it is unavailable. I love this newer strand from Heart and Hand by Magnolia. I hope my Target has this in stock soon so I can grab it for Spring!

Valentine's Birds-My kids love these little Valentine's Birds but mine pictured are last years print. They change the print every year which is cool if you collect things. The print this year is super cute but too much color for me. LOL

Paper Eggs In Porcelain Basket-I got my paper eggs (they are white and brown) from last years Hearth and Hand spring collection. I hope they bring those back this year! The porcelain basket came from the Target Dollar Spot and I paid $3-$5 for it.

Brown Lantern-I have no clue where mine came from but I found one for under $20 that is super cute!

Pioneer Woman Mason Jar Cups-I love my mason jar cups so much. These are a little darker than the ones I have but they have tons of options.

Greenery Ball- I love greenery. It makes me so happy!They are so cheap and easy to incorporate into your decor.

Home Banner-I got the "Home" banner from last years Spring Target Dollar Spot.

The rest of the decor is antique milk glass my grandparents have given me or pieces I have found from antique stores.

Keep checking back on this post as I add a set of plates and possibly some jute placemats?!

Decorating doesn't have to be expensive and a little decor goes a long way in my opinion!








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