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Take Care Of Yourself

I used to stink at self-care. I obviously took a shower every night, brushed my teeth twice a day, cut my fingernails, and took care of all the basics. However, I never went the extra mile for myself which is a shame. Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you're in the same boat I was. We should put self-care high on our daily to-do list. If we want to care for others adequately we first have to care for ourselves. It seems like everyone is telling us to take care of ourselves but a lot of times we are just too stubborn to listen. We say to ourselves, "Oh I don't need to rest or take time to relax. I am fine." I am preaching to myself too because I will overload myself to the extreme and still be too stubborn to admit that I am stressed.

Why do we so often forget to care for ourselves? As women, we are typically using our energy to pour into the lives of others. We are working, mom-ing, wife-ing, being a friend, pursuing dreams, etc etc etc. We are doing all the things. We are never stopping. Honestly, if you and I wrote down all the tasks we complete in a day we would probably be shocked. I have seen other women, and have been guilty myself, of packing so many tasks into 24 hours. I love being productive. However, when I don't make self-care a priority I fail myself greatly and I am failing others because I am not giving them my best.

If we are being honest, we want to take care of ourselves but we just want someone to tell us what to do. It is your lucky day, friend! I have put together a comprehensive list of self-care ideas for you! I am going to be your mother for five-seconds, okay? Stick with me.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I REPEAT: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! I am sorry that I yelled but you need to hear me loud and clear.

Most of these ideas are budget friendly and are sure to relax and refresh your spirit! Try one or all of them and tell me how it goes.

1. Read Scripture-God's word not only uplifts you but can change your life.

2. Pray-Talk to our Savior...this always puts my heart in the right place.

3. Watch your favorite TV show A few of my favorites: Fixer Upper, Longmire, and The Office.

4. Take a nap-Literally a 20 minute nap can change your entire day.

5. Read a book-Reading is so relaxing to me... I have a gazillion favorite books.

6. Take a bath with bath salts and candles-Here is a great candle that I love.

7. Jam out to your favorite playlist-I use Spotify!

8. Exercise-Get those endorphins flowing! Pinterest has a ton of workout plans or simply go for a walk.

9. Order your favorite take-out and skip cooking for the night-This is my love language. Not kidding!

10. Journal. These are my favorite: https://www.emilyley.com/collections/mini-notebooks

11. Paint your nails or go to a nail salon This is my favorite nail polish: https://www.essie.com/nail-polish/enamel/sheers/limo-scene

12. Change your hairstyle if you are feeling outdated or go for a simple trim

13. Buy a cute outfit (if your budget allows) or put on a favorite outfit you already have

14. Drink water: Dehydration can cause a whole host of problems. You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces.

15. Have coffee with a friend-There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee with a great, godly friend!

16. Get yourself ready for the day-This is a quick pick-me-up as you feel better when you feel put together.

17. Take the day off-If you have kids and your spouse can't take off work, hire a babysitter or get a family member to watch them. If you work and have lots of vacation time then take a personal health day. Sometimes we just need out of our routine for one day to clear our minds.

18. Enjoy your favorite hobby-Take time to enjoy your favorite hobby whether that be knitting or repainting furniture.

19. Drink hot tea-I really enjoy this tea. Another great tea for stress relief is Cinnamon tea.

20. Get your favorite dessert and enjoy every single bite of it!

How do you self-care? I would love to know!









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