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The Beginnings of Spring

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Oh how I love spring and summer. Everything finally starts to thaw out and the landscape starts bursting forth in color. Every year I am reminded that seasons do change physically and spiritually. I feel frozen and bleak sometimes spiritually. Sometimes it is of my own doing and oftentimes, it is simply a bleak season that God is using to unveil the hidden parts of my heart that need His touch. It is as if I can hear Him whisper, "Child, just trust me and let me lead."

So even though winter is still in full swing right now, I decided to start decorating for spring time! I don't decorate all at once or even finish in a month. I find pieces here and there and it takes me a good bit to figure out my style and what looks good in my house. However, I did find a few things last weekend that have been giving me LIFE. As always, on all of my home decor posts, you can check back each week and see what I have added to the mix! Scroll to the bottom to find a collage of all of the products along with their brand and price!

I love clean + simple pieces and can't wait to see our bedroom come together. So far I have purchased the "Miss You Already" reversible sign (the other side says, "Hello There", the sprig of lemon/greenery (I think I need one or two more picks to fill up the jar), and the pillows. I can't wait to see what this room looks like in a few weeks. We have been in our new house for four months and I still can't seem to make furniture decisions.

Currently on the hunt for the perfect nightstands, two wall lights, a few more pillows and that is as far as I have thought about it! Ha!

I LOVE the Heart and Hand by Magnolia collection at Target. If I had unlimited funds, I would clean that section out as soon as the new arrivals hit the shelves. The reversible sign caught my eye the other day and I couldn't leave without it. I love simple, neutral farmhouse pieces that I can use ALL year long.

Reversible "Miss You Already" + "Hello There" Sign

White Tray-My tray doesn't have the wood insert so I may go pick this one up since my tray has seen better days.

Lemon Greenery-Easily my favorite greenery pick I have purchased thus far. I need a few more to fill out the jar.

Blue + White Square Check Pillows-I LOVE these pillows and plan on grabbing a few more for my bed. They also have several other colors and are currently on sale!

Pin Tucked Comforter by Better Homes & Gardens- (it is hidden under my duvet) but I LOVE it. It is so cozy and clean looking.

Duvet Cover Set for Queen Bed- The duvet set comes in all bed sizes and it adds to the depth of your bed and I love how cozy it makes our bedroom feel.

Luxe Plush Blanket- I have this blanket in cream (as pictured) and it is great!

Wooden Wall Art with Quote-I love my wall art and bought it from a vendor at a flea market in Nashville. However, they don't ship and I actually paid MORE for mine so this one I found on Etsy is cost-effective and you can add you and your sweethearts name! I totally wish I would have been able to customize mine.

White Sheets-I love white lines for the bed. It makes you feel like you're in a hotel and I just love the clean look that white gives.

Galvanized Metal House-My house is a bit smaller than this larger one I found at Target. It adds character to this little space.

Brookstone Pillow-My husband bought me a new pillow and it is amazing. It has great neck support!

Striped Curtains-I love my striped curtains in the color gray. They go with everything and I have used them in two houses now and still am not tired of them!

I can't wait to keep you guys updated as I work on the other areas of our bedroom and find some nightstands and wall lamps! Keep checking this post to see what else I come up with!








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