The Best Bag for Mamas

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I was in desperate need of a new bag to use as both a purse and a travel bag. I like big purses and I cannot lie. 🎉

I digress. I love big bags and I found this one at Target for under $50. It is HUGE and will even hold my laptop if I need to take it with me. It is also a super classy bag for moms because it is definitely not a diaper bag but it is big enough for diapers, snacks, extra clothes, etc. I never liked the way diaper bags looked so this would have been nice to have when my kids were babies.

We are heading to the Great Smoky Mountains this week and I know this bag will be great to keep snacks, waters, and extra clothes in for one little boy who tends to pee his pants. 🤪

The bag comes in two other colors but I chose black. I will be getting the other prints because I love them so much!

Are you a diaper bag lover or do you prefer using a big purse for your kid's stuff?

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