• Jordan Burchette

The Golden Hours Of Our Lives

When the clock strikes 6am my alarm annoyingly beeps. I wish it casually rang out with a peaceful song but instead it beeps obnoxiously.

I get out of bed without hitting snooze because one snooze and I oversleep two hours.

As I trudge to the coffee pot, I stop to close both of my kid's bedroom doors so they won’t wake up two hours earlier than normal.

I kiss my husband off to work and head back to our bedroom with breakfast and coffee in tow. I tiptoe past the bedrooms like a burglar in the night and sit in my bed to start my day.

My coffee and breakfast go straight down while I read the word and ask God for wisdom.

The golden hours of my life.

On a good day, I get two solid hours to work on blog projects, business projects, and everything else I’ve got going on.

The golden hours of my life.

Then I hear little voices and tiptoes coming down the hall. One snuggles with me in bed while the other yells from his crib.

The golden hours of my life.

When everyone is awake and ready for breakfast we eat together and read scripture.

The golden hours of my life.

While forts are being built and block towers are falling by the wayside.

The golden hours of my life.

Spending the day with my two littles, running a business and blog, and keeping a home afloat.

The golden hours of my life.

Calling a family member to check on them and scheduling play dates with friends.

The golden hours of my life.

Hearing the garage door open signaling my husband returning home from work.

The golden hours of my life.

All of our little moments, big moments, and everything in between are special.

I hope you’ll treasure every moment, friend.

These are the golden hours of life.

What are the golden hours of your life?

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