• Jordan Burchette

The Reality Of What You See

Social media can be a wonderful tool to connect with other people from around the world. I love supporting other writers, keeping up with friends, and connected with people all over the world! However, looks can be deceiving as we only see the surface of a persons life. We can't see what they are dealing with internally or the desires of their heart.

I want to be real and raw with you today.

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you will know that I am honest about my struggles. I am not shy. I will confront issues in my life and talk about them openly. I have a lot of areas I struggle in, but talking about my faults is not one of those problem areas for me.

In this image above you only see my outfit, the expression on my face, and a pretty country backdrop. It seems as if I am happy, put together and living my best life. While I am happy and I love cute, put-together outfits; my life is not perfect. What you don't see are the intentions of my heart, my current worries, or anything deeper that I am going through. As we filter through tons of images on social media from our friends and people we don't even know, we only see a small piece of them. Sadly, we look at their smiling faces and automatically think that they have an easy life. I have noticed that the happiest people are, a lot of times, the people who struggle the most. They fight hard to be the person God created them to be even when they struggle with hard things.

We don't typically post the moments where we are sobbing uncontrollably in the shower or the times we are fighting with someone we love. That would be uncomfortable to share with the world, right? I am all for being transparent but most of us are not going to share a picture that is captioned, "Just had a massive fight with my spouse." #goodtimes

What I want you to know, friend, is that we all have struggles. You hear people say it all the time and it honestly gets annoying after a while, but we quickly forget that it is true. There is not a perfect person or perfect life that exists in our world. Don't forget when you're scrolling that you have a whole lot of positive areas of your life, too. More importantly, don't forget that you, along with the rest of the world, have negative troubles and struggles. We are all on the same page, friend!

What you don't see above is:

A girl who struggles with self-worth.

A girl who deals with abandonment issues and the fear that it will happen to her again.

A girl who second-guesses herself a whole lot.

A girl who gets lonely.

A girl who has watered her personality down for far too long.

A girl who will not give up on anything or anybody even though she likes to think she gives up easily.

A girl who often forgets that God doesn't want her to do it all perfectly.

A girl who struggles emotionally at times.

What about you? Sit down sometime today and ask yourself this question: What do people not see about me? Write it out and ask God to help you work through the list.

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