• Jordan Burchette

The Slow Mornings As A SAHM​

I can hear the coffee pot happily brewing away as the smell of fresh coffee wafts through the house.

The kids are ready to get out of bed and start their day as I can hear them chattering in their rooms.

It is time for breakfast where eggs are scrambled and toast is buttered. Another cup of coffee is poured into my favorite cup with the following inscription, "Running on coffee and Jesus." This is basically my life motto.

Diapers and pajamas are replaced with big kid underwear and outfits that don't have Disney characters plastered across them.

Toys are quickly strewn across the floor as each child chooses an activity to start their morning.

Fights breakout and tantrums are thrown five-hundred times. Time outs are inevitable with two small children under three years of age.

Another cup of coffee is poured in my favorite cup.

A laptop is quickly opened to start the writing process of a blog post or to note the current thought on my heart before it escapes me.

The laptop is quickly shut as fast as it was opened because a child is climbing the stairs. This will certainly end in a near-death experience so I run to the child.

The mornings start at a slow pace around our home but quickly turn into a full-speed-ahead-never-stopping-endless-chaotic-stream of moments.

And I love it.

Most of the time I love it.

Sometimes it drives me nuts trying to contain our circus.

During these slow mornings in our home, God is working in my heart. He is using me to raise my children to love and serve Him but I often feel like I am the one who is learning the most.

He teaches us so much through our children if only we take time to stop and listen.

God, help me to listen to your voice when you speak. Open my eyes and ears to what you're trying to teach me on my motherhood journey. I pray that I will raise my children to bring you glory. In the name of Jesus, amen!

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