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Time Is Fleeting

I'm feeling extra emotional here lately... thanks hormones... but I am also emotional because both of my babies are celebrating birthday's this month. Our daughter will be three and our son is turning one. How? Didn't I just give birth to our son? Wasn't I just walking around hunched over from having a C-Section? Wasn't it just yesterday that we walked through the door to surprise our daughter with a new baby brother? Didn't we just find out we were pregnant with our first born child? Wasn't it last week when our daughter finally walked for the first time?

I used to get tired of hearing people say, "Don't blink, it happens so fast." It is true though. I think it annoyed me because I was sleep deprived and just wanted them to grow up a bit faster so I could sleep more than three hours at a time. I wanted them to be a bit more independent. I still feel that way to an extent. I do think each new stage is beautiful and tough in its own way. We are getting so close to being out of the "little years". In another year, we will officially have zero children in diapers and that makes me excited. Ha! However, I am shocked that they are growing so fast and kind of sad at how fast time is flying by.

Time is fleeting.

I love doing word studies so I decided to look up the word "fleeting" in the dictionary. For you younger readers, that's a book we look up words in. #sarcasm

Seriously though, all of my English teachers made me look up words in the dictionary. We never used the internet and I am only 23 years old. I digress.

According to the Merriam-Webster 1828 dictionary, Fleeting is defined as: "Passing swiftly."

Time goes by so fast. One day I am nervously leaving the hospital with a newborn baby to care for and the next day she's learning the alphabet. They go from tiny newborn onesies to picking out striped pants to go with a sequined shirt while your OCD aches at the outfit. It breaks my heart a little when they suddenly start feeding themselves after I have fed them for nine entire months. The little years are tough. I have found myself in tears more than once from trying to meet all of their little needs. Two children under the age of three is a lot. Although some of you have three or four little ones and I applaud you, mama! Sometimes I can barely handle my two littles. It is chaotic but beautiful all at the same time. My two are close in age so they like to play together but they also like to pick at each other... it starts early I assume.

Then suddenly your pudgy-handed, sticky, wild-haired child is an eight year old who is starting to blossom into their own. I haven't reached this stage with my babies but I have friends who are there. They are amazed at their child's independence yet heartbroken that they can't cuddle them as easily as they once could.

I don't even want to think about the pre-teen phase. I was a horrible pre-teen. Truly, I was so incredibly obnoxious. That is such an uncomfortable age. Acne, raging hormones, and plain old awkwardness are a recipe for disaster in my opinion. We all made it through that though and with lots of prayers and coffee I think we will make it through when the time comes with our own kiddos.

The teen years will probably send me under. From getting their drivers license to going on their first date; I don't think my heart can take it. Questions like, "Will they sneak out?" or "Will they always be close enough to me to tell me anything?" flood my mind. I worry enough as it is and I am sure you do too. What will we be like when those days come around? Time is fleeting. They are coming faster than we think, mama.

However, when I begin to think and worry that far in advance or even start to worry about tomorrow I hear God whisper; Tomorrow will worry about itself, child. Focus on today. I am already there for grace to protect and keep you.

Suddenly I let go of the anxiety the best that I can and give it over to God. I want you to do the same.

Time is fleeting. I want to enjoy today. I want you to enjoy your babies today too. Breathe in their scent, kiss their cheeks, read them books, and point them to Jesus. Trust God and give motherhood your all, mama. Time is going so quick. Enjoy every moment with your children no matter what age or stage they are in. Maybe they are unraveling toilet paper in your bathroom as we speak or begging for the keys to your car to go out with friends. Perhaps you're at the end of your rope with them. Or they are going through a rough season and you're worried about them. Wherever you are I want you to know that you are doing a great job.

Praying for you always, friend!











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