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Top 3 Tips To Make Your Comeback

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When they ask you how you 2020 is going so far...

Our family started 2020 on a shaky foot. The holidays were crazy busy and then we experienced unseasonably warm weather which always makes Christmas feel weird. I had a raging sinus infection, the kiddos were sick with colds and my husband was also sick. We sat in his office on January 1st and created our 2020 goal-list while we sniffled and laid around on the couch feeling horrible. It was so romantic.

Then he had to go on an extended business trip for four days and we just felt a little disheveled from all of the randomness. It was a great reminder that life happens and we have to adjust our perspective and keep moving forward. It can ALWAYS be worse and it was a small bump in the road compared to what a lot of people are going through right now! Those goals will ALWAYS be there tomorrow and I don't want us to forget that!

We have a ton of marriage goals, career goals, financial goals, family goals and more! We are just now getting started on some of those goals and guess what? That is OKAY.

Maybe you have started the year on shaky ground and need encouragement today! You have come to the right place because I have weeks where I need someone to help me feel like I am not alone! You're not alone. You're not a failure. You will get there eventually, friend!


If you're a faithful reader, then you know that I haven't posted my big list of 2020 goals on the blog yet. I am actually not going to share all of our goals because I want to keep most of them private. However, I will throughout the year, share some of my goals and where I am on the timeline of meeting them.


I don't do "resolutions" simply because I think they set you up for failure and very rarely do they stick. Goals are specific things you want to reach and you can make a plan to reach them and then execute. So what do we do when we have a few weeks of being sick or maybe we had an unexpected bill crop up and totally push our goal back a few weeks?

1. Start Again

When that medical bill unexpectedly comes up or you have a few weeks where you can't spend time working on your side hustle, just start again. Don't look back and see the time or money you lost. Look forward and keep working towards reaching that goal you set for yourself. How much time do we waste looking back fretting over what we should have done when we could be looking forward to what we are going to do.

2. Adjust Your Timeline

If you had a few rough weeks, sit down and look at your timeline. Maybe you need to adjust your goal reaching date and give yourself some more time. For example, if you have overspent in one area of your budget then see where you can cut-back in other areas of the budget to catch up. Or you can tack that extra money you need to save on next months budget statement and catch up then. Adjust your goals and dates and give yourself grace. This is so important if you want to be successful in achieving your goals.

3. Spend Time Working Towards Your Goal Each Day

When you set goals you don't set them and immediately do everything to reach that goal tomorrow. All goals take a little work each day to reach unless, of course, you have a goal to rid your pantry of sweets tonight. Each day spend time working towards your goals and eventually you will look up and realize that you have reached the goal. Let's say you want to lose ten pounds by June. You will need to spend thirty minutes a day working out and about an hour total making good food choices (the hour comes from the three meals we eat a day plus snacks). Or if you want to start a website then you need to spend, however much time you have each day, designing and setting up your website. Slow and steady wins the race, friends!

The Cold Coffee and Cotton Stems Blog
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I also recorded an entire podcast episode on How To Get Your Motivation Back

Praying that 2020 is your best year yet, friend!

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