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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

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Favorite Amazon Items!

I have decided that I am an Amazon Prime kinda gal. I love that most of their items come in two-days, how reasonably priced the products are, and the fact that I don't have to go anywhere.

I want to share my tried and true favorite Amazon products in case you're in the market for any of these items. I will continuously add products as I find them and use them!

  1. Linenspa Mattress-6-inch Twin Size: This mattress blew me away with the price and quality. I give it 10/10 stars. It was under $100 which is unheard of in the mattress world! It came in a big box and unrolled really quickly. You're supposed to let it sit for about 24-hours so it will take shape but ours formed really quickly and our son loves it!

2. Zinus Bed Frame: I ordered this twin size bed frame in white and it was easy to put together. It is very comfortable and our son loves it! They also sent a beautiful pack of stationary in the package to encourage you to send a nice note to someone you love. Very great customer service and price!

This is the bed that we are getting our daughter. It is so adorable! We will get it in pink. It is under $130. Her room makeover is next on our list!

UPDATE: Her bed comes tomorrow and we can't wait to get it together!

3. Sufficient-C: I recently switched to this vitamin-c and we love it. It is sugar-free and tastes great. The kids love drinking it and we use it to stay healthy. We have had our container for nearly two months and it is still half-full so it is worth the money for sure!

4. Blue-Sky Planner: I have searched and searched for a nice, simple planner. The one I was previously using was not working for me. It was way too overwhelming. This planner has large spaces to write on each day and has a pretty cover. Double-win! Get back on track this year and order one for yourself if you're a planner! Plus it is under $15!

5. Electric Razor: I am one of those crazy people who shaves their legs every. single. day. I can't stand to feel prickly. HA! I ordered this razor and I love it! I mainly use it to shave my upper lip... #thankshormones.

6. Duvet Cover- I have told you all about this duvet cover before over on my Instagram. I love this duvet cover as it adds charm to your bedding. It is reallly comfortable to sleep with as well and under $30!

7. Garden of Life Probiotic for Women: I recently switched to this probiotic and really love taking it. It is organic and if you haven't ever researched "why"you need a probiotic, I encourage you to do so!

8. Garden of Life Kids Probiotic: We also give our kids this same brand and they love the chewable tablets. Probiotics are so important for kids as well!

9. Camelbak Water Bottle for Kids: I LOVE these bottles for my kiddos. I actually got their new ones at Target but they are way cheaper on Amazon. Will be ordering them on Amazon next time! They come in all sorts of colors and patterns.

10. Wireless Ear-Pods: I originally bought a pair of knock-off ear pods at Target. They were $10 and they work fine but I will definitely be purchasing these when my cheap ones wear-out. I wanted to get a second pair at Target but they didn't have anymore.

11.Cordless Shark Vacuum Cleaner- This vacuum cleaner is a game-changer! I charge it for a few hours and then use it as I need it. It runs for up to 40 minutes and I even take it to my car to clean out my car since I don't need an outlet. I am going to be taking the vacuum, charging cord, and small hose attachment on vacation with me so I can easily clean up crumbs in the car. I am sad I didn't find one of these before now.

12. Child Harness: If you read my latest post about child harnesses, then you know how I feel about keeping my babies safe. This harness is great for toddlers who like to run!

13. Flex Menstrual Cup Starter Kit: GAME. CHANGER. Seriously, I will never go back to mainstream period products EVER again. I use slim fit and it makes periods so much more bearable. It is reusable, comfortable, and SAFE!

14. I had this velvet chair in my Amazon cart for WEEKS. I so happened to stumble across a very similar chair in Ross and ended up buying it as it was the last one in stock. However, I paid around $10 more at Ross and this one is $95 and free shipping for Prime members. The only difference between my chair and this one is the back (mine is oval-backed and the Amazon one is square backed). You can't beat a comfy velvet chair for under $100.

15. Boho Kids Table + Chairs: I recently purchased these chairs and table for my daughters room. She needed space for homeschool learning and creating and her small desk wasn't cutting it. This set is very cute and under $100!

16. Leopard Round-Neck Tunic

I love this shirt I recently ordered on Amazon. It is so comfy. I am really particular about my tops being long in the front and back and this is the perfect length.

A shirt that is too short drives me insane. I got a size medium and it fits perfectly! It was $20 and I will be ordering a few more for fall!

These products are affordable and I use them every day! Check back on this post as I find more great products to add to the list!

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