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Walker's Birth Story

Nearly three and a half months ago, our sweet bouncing baby boy, Walker James, made his grand appearance. He is a sweet baby, but boy was it a fight to get him into this world.

On March, 30th at approximately eight o'clock in the evening, I began having steady contractions. Earlier that day, at my routine prenatal appointment, the doctor "stripped my membrane" in hopes that it would send me into labor. I had been stuck at 2 cm dilated for several days and was 39 weeks pregnant and MISERABLE. We headed to the hospital after my in-laws arrived to watch our toddler and were so excited to meet our baby boy!

When I got to the hospital that night, I was expecting to see a ton of progress, but to my dismay I was only dilated to a 4 cm. They decided to admit me and fully expected me to have Walker James before mid-morning the next day. My first labor and delivery was a breeze so I decided to skip the epidural this time, because I knew I could power through it.


Lets all take a minute to laugh sympathetically together as we all know that labor is the worst. If you had an unmedicated labor and delivery, major props to you because it takes extreme strength to endure that kind of pain! I made it to 6 cm and very firmly told my husband to get the nurse immediately because I was going to hurl if I didn't get some relief from the intense pain. Check out the picture I featured at the end of this post.. I bet you can guess which picture was taken after the epidural started working and when all was right with the world again...

The face you make after the epidural hits...

The glorious epidural started to work and I was able to rest for a few hours. Before I knew it, the clock showed that it was 8AM and still NO baby. I thought that I would wake up and be ready to push, but I still hadn't progressed any further. My doctor decided to break my water and start me on Pitocin to help speed up my labor. After all those measures, I was still stuck at 8 cm and I was starting to think that labor would last forever. When I finally fully dilated it was time to push and I was beyond ready, obviously! I was pumped up and I knew that it would be just as quick and easy as it was with my firstborn.


I started off strong and pushed my heart out, but nothing happened...

Walker James would not go past the Fetal station of -1 and wouldn't move from his "Sunny-Side Up" position to the "Head Down" position. I pushed for nearly an hour and it resulted in lots of moaning, groaning, and sobbing. The pain was off the charts and instead of progressing, Walker James actually moved back up in the birth canal. I am telling you all... the boy is stubborn and we will hope this means that he will not cave into peer pressure, but be a strong leader. HA!

His heart rate dropped after he moved back up the birth canal (although I didn't know this until after he was born) and I was practically begging my doctor saying, I quote, "Please do whatever it takes to get this baby out." I was desperate and honestly it was one of those "Wow, I am not going to make it another second" moments. We were nearing the twenty-four hour mark since the pain had started and Walker James wasn't coming out on his own.

The verdict: An emergency C-Section.

Throughout my pregnancy I said often that I didn't want to have a C-Section. I had never had major surgery before. I was scared. I wanted to be in the hospital as few days as possible so I could get back home to my two-year old. I was dead set on an unmedicated and complication free delivery. I had it planned down to the minute and knew exactly what I wanted to happen. But it didn't.

Isn't it cool how God orchestrates our lives and sometimes allows us to go through something nerve-wracking so he can show us how in control He is and how out of control we are (thankfully)? That is what He showed me as I was being wheeled back to the Operating Room scared to death, but ready to get Walker James out as quickly as possible. I knew that all my plans were failing and I just had to trust that God would get us through.

The rest was a bit of a blur.

I remember them giving me medicine to numb over half my body for the surgery and all I could do was shake. I was freezing! The tremors were intense and were caused by a mixture of the medications, adrenaline, nerves, and it truly was freezing in the OR. They prepped me for the C-Section and I was extremely nervous but so ready for Walker James to make his appearance. Fifteen minutes of weird tugging and pulling and out came Walker James kicking and screaming! Immediately the doctor said, "WOW, that is why he wouldn't come out!" He was a big boy and still is a chunky boy!

Walker James Burchette was born on March, 31st 2018 at 1:20pm at Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina and weighed in at 8 pounds + 4 ounces.

He was worth every bit of the pain and I would do it all over again for both of my babies!

We're so blessed and thankful for Walker James! He completed our family and is our perfect missing puzzle piece!





















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