• Jordan Burchette

We Have A Help

A little over six months ago, I was five minutes from my house and driving entirely too fast alongside a long stretch of Tennessee farmland. My husband was in the passenger seat half-asleep as he had just finished up a Chemotherapy treatment and was feeling incredibly sick. I was frantically trying to get him home so he could get out of the car and rest so I pushed my foot on the gas pedal a little harder than usual. Frantic best describes that time of our lives as I believe we ran on a mix of the prayers people were praying for us and adrenaline.

As I admired the long stretch of blue sky, white farmhouses, and lush green fields, I felt the familiar glimmer of hope spring up inside of my soul. Sure, I was scared to death and nervous about my husband's cancer journey but the presence of God was still there even in our scary season. I lost track of my speed and just before I got past this stretch of road I saw blue lights behind me flashing. Apparently, my speed had been clocked and it wasn't satisfactory.

I pulled over and got my registration ready to hand over knowing that I would be getting my first ever ticket. My poor husband was so sick and I felt terrible that I had gotten us pulled over which meant we weren't getting home as quickly as we anticipated. The cop was very nice and told me I was going nearly ten miles per hour over the speed limit. I told him I understood and that I was sorry about it. He looked over at my husband who was clearly sick and told me he would let me off with a warning but that I needed to slow down. I thanked him and we continued driving down the road to our house. Whew! Crisis averted.

This cop did not know me or what we were walking through at the time. He had no idea we had just left a chemotherapy treatment and were terrified of the future. Or that I drove that stretch of land every morning crying and begging God to please let Mason be okay. He truly had no idea what we were walking through and he was completely in the right by pulling me over. I was speeding and speeding is wrong. It could have resulted in a wreck which would have made our situation even worse.

The bible says in Psalm 46:1 that, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

I have been in trouble many times in my life for situations of all shapes and sizes. I rear-ended a woman one time when I was driving to work and it was definitely my fault. I also had the statement, "talks to much" inscribed on nearly all of my straight "A" report cards. We all get in trouble at some point in our lives.

I am so grateful that when we are in trouble, we have a help.

When we were dead in our sins, God sent His son Jesus to die for us.

We have a help.

When we have strayed and don't know which way will take us home.

We have a help.

When a loved one is facing cancer and we don't know what the future holds.

We have a help.

When we are depressed and trying to find the light again.

We have a help.

When we are struggling under the weight of our problems.

We have a help.

Praise God, we have a help!

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