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Wellness Routine For Kids

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I started researching health + wellness topics several years ago. It all started when I realized the cleaning products (full post on that here), beauty products, and foods we were eating were full of toxic ingredients. I decided then that I would research for MYSELF and pave a healthier path for our family.

We can't protect ourselves from every single germ or sickness. That is totally not possible in our world, right? However, we CAN promote our health and boost our immunity naturally and I want to share the products I use with my kids.

Every single morning at breakfast, we do three things (especially with this virus going around):

1. The kids take their daily multi + probiotic vitamin. I get these Olly Vitamins at Target and I love them. The ingredients are fine and they have all the nutrients the kids need. My store actually has these in-stock most weeks (even in the pandemic) but they are not eligible for Drive-Up due to the situation. You can order them and the shipping wait doesn't appear to be too long in my area of the world right now.

2. Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies These gummies work great for kids who hate the actual syrup. The syrup works great in smoothies and you can get my germ-fighting smoothie recipe in this post I wrote a few months back. I give the kids one gummy each unless they are sick and then I double up on gummies to help boost their immune system. I have seen the back and forth on Elderberry being dangerous against the fight of COVID-19 but many health professionals are now saying that there is simply not enough evidence to go against the use of it. I would suggest asking YOUR Pediatrician for their opinion and adjusting accordingly.

3. Sodium Ascorbate-I swear by this stuff, y'all! A few weeks ago, Emmeline, our oldest, had a low-grade fever and I quickly made her a smoothie with this powdered Sodium Ascorbate and she woke up the next day perfectly fine. I always push this stuff when the kids are starting to get sick and it has worked for us every single time so far to knock out illness. Right now, we are taking it every morning to give ourselves extra immune support. I add it to a smoothie or you can add it to a juice/water mix. It doesn't taste good so you will need to mix it in something that has a pleasant taste.

This is what we do year-round on TOP of eating healthy, drinking water, enjoying the sunshine and keeping sugar intake at either 0 or a bare minimum. Bacteria and yeast FEED off of sugar, therefore, causing your immune system to not be able to fight off sickness easily. It is so important to stay away from processed foods, excess sugar and additives.

Praying that you all stay healthy and know that I am praying for you!

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