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When You're Lonely Read This

I just feel sad. Blue. Fatigued. Blah.

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As I scrubbed toilets today, I let my tears fall into the toilet bowl where they were met by the soapy cleaning suds swirling around.

I talked to God and told Him what was bothering me. I cried out for help, peace, and clarity. As I scrubbed all the edges of the toilet bowl, I started to feel a little better while talking to my best friend.

I thanked Him for getting me through the lonely days. The days where everything is quiet and I just miss my people. The weeks when my husband is on a business trip. The days when I just feel the ache of loneliness in my soul.

It always stems from something in our lives you know?

It’s never just one thing... there is always more to it in our complicated hearts.

I just got home from a vacation where I spent time with my family. It was a precious time and when we all went our separate ways home I knew I would be blue for a few days.

With my husband traveling and then knowing I wouldn’t see my family for a few weeks it just makes me lonely.

So many of you feel this same strange sting of loneliness. You know you have your people but in those quiet moments, you get lonely. Or perhaps you’ve even lost your people and it left you feeling a dark loneliness that so many of us hope to escape.

Loneliness is devastating and difficult to maneuver. It looks different for everyone and it is hard no matter what yours looks like.

Can I tell you a secret?

You’re never alone. Yes, we say it all. The. Time.

But when we have Jesus we are never alone.

I can’t count the times He has saved me from drowning in loneliness. The times when I have stayed up half the night anxiety-ridden wondering if anyone else actually feels the way I do at times.

Heck, I think that’s why I share my messy heart with people because deep down I know other people feel the same way.

I’m not embarrassed. I’m more concerned that others are drowning in loneliness and they NEED someone to throw them a life-jacket and say, “Hey, I get it. Hop on my boat and we can weather this together.”

We could be surrounded by people but still feel that ache of something more. A deeper connection.

Jesus fills that void for me. For us. We can run to Him while crying into our toilet bowl and He is there. He comforts us and helps us make it through.

Without Him, we have nothing tangible to save us, friends.

He is real. He is our comforter. He loves us. He has always been. He is for His children.

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