• Jordan Burchette

You're A Good Mama 👩‍👧‍👦

99% of the time these reminders are for me. I share them because I know others need to hear them too.

Some weeks I’m up before my kids, making colorful breakfasts, planning elaborate homeschool activities, catching up on work, spending time playing with them, and checking everything off of my list.

Some weeks I’m sleeping in with them, forgetting to plan extra schoolwork, pushing a simple yogurt with granola across the counter, not sure where my to-do list is, did we even read our devotion today, and did I play with them enough.

Do you want to know what those two situations have in common?

A defeated mama beating herself up over not being enough.

Doing enough.

Trying harder.

When I’m meeting all these expectations I’ve given myself in my mind, I am still not satisfied with myself. Ever. I might as well wear a shirt that says, “I’m not enough.”

Even on the weeks where I am doing it all I still go to bed at night telling myself I could have done more. I still feel guilt. I still feel like I failed. Why?

Maybe you’re feeling this way too?

Let me remind you that if you’re loving your kids and taking care of them to the best of your ability, you’re a good mama. You may not be creating endless hours of fun and making from-scratch breakfast but you’re giving it your all. You show up every day and are always striving to be who they need you to be. God sees the work you’re putting in and hears your prayers.

Stop piling up more expectations on yourself and focus on 2 only. I tell myself every day that these two things are most important to do. 🤍

  1. Point your kids to Jesus

  2. Love them fiercely in word and deed

If you’ve done those two things you can lay your head down at night and be content. ☕️

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